Friday, August 22, 2014

Alert the Media! Atlanta to get Another BurgerFi

"Better burgers" coming to popular downtown complex.

North Palm Beach, Florida-based BurgerFi is joining the roster of food options at CNN Center.  BurgerFi already operates four locations in metro Atlanta with restaurants at 77 12th Street in midtown, Emory Point near Emory University, and in Kennesaw and Alpharetta.  (A BurgerFi was previously announced to have been opening in TOWN Brookhaven but they wisely pulled the plug pre-buildout.)

According to the BurgerFi website, the chain has about 70 locations open.  Most BurgerFi restaurants are found in the southeast and northeast but the chain has been expanding west with single locations in Arizona, California and Colorado. 

BurgerFi bills itself as a "better burger" eatery with assorted burger and hot dog options as well as assorted fries, frozen custards, beer & wine. Apparently, there is also a "secret menu" with items such as the "Hippie Veggie" burger (two grilled quinoa burgers served on a potato bun with a side of neon relish) and "Urban Fries" (parmesan and herb fries topped with garlic aioli)  

The space in CNN Center's food court that BurgerFi will occupy was previously Don Juan Mexican Cantina.  Last year, the space was supposed to have reopened as a Five Guys, another burger joint, but they backed out before opening.  

F2o (Fresh to Order) opened last year in the former Waldenbooks space, to the left of what will now become BurgerFi.  

The CNN Center food court is already home to fast food offerings Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Great Wraps and Arby's.  Dantanna's, McCormick & Schmick and Taco Mac also operate  restaurants within the complex. 

Another "better burger" eatery, Googie Burger, operates a freestanding restaurant within Centennial Olympic Park.   

Current plans call for the BurgerFi at CNN Center to open in mid November.  


StojBoj said...

Has anyone ever been to a BurgerFi?

Amy said...

Yes I have and it's pretty bad. They do not even have a salad at all on the menu! And the burgers are blah.

Anonymous said...

The BurgerFi Franchisee at Emory Point was losing his shirt and Corp bought him out to keep him quiet so they could sell more stores. This location is in the RED every day! More employees than customer almost every day.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, all these burger places. On a good day at Wendy's, you can get a good burger for about 4 bucks. Anything over 6 bucks is simply ridiculous. It is a hamburger, for Pete's sake! I like Five Guys, but my budget cannot even handle that any more. The Atlanta metropolitan area market is simply over-saturated with these places.

AJ said...

I always love seeing comments when there is a burger story. Can I get a good burger at Wendy's for about $4? Sure. Can I get an organic burger anywhere for $4? No. Yes, it's a hamburger for Pete's sake. But if I want to eat an organic, single source burger, I will have to pay more than $6. And I will happily do so. Just the other day, I spent $18 on a burger, fries and a beer at Farm Burger. *GASP* $18!! I must be richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined.

Jeff A. Taylor said...

I'm in between on this. Yes, the "better" burger chains are getting out of hand and will wind up knocking each other out of biz. But I do enjoy a real "gourmet" burger from an actual local like Moxie or Lucky's from time to time. The coming Moxie space in Roswell will be a very interesting window on the segment. Provided they solve the ins/outs of the space, it should do very well -- if the burger thing continues to have legs.

Dan said...

Burger Fi at Midtown is pretty good, probably too big a space for what they need but its ok.

BUT they need to turn the freakin air conditioning off, its like a Polar Vortex has stationed itself right on Cresent in the middle of Midtown Atlanta.

Think of the frozen food aisle of your local Kroger...throw in some penguins and you'll be close.

Anonymous said...

Where is Moxie to be located in Roswell?

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: Moxie in Roswell,

The new Moxie in Roswell is opening in place of Borocco Restaurant at 555 S. Atlanta Street.

Thanks for your comments and readership.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a peanut butter and jelly sandwich restaurant open up. Organic single source peanut butter and jelly made with wine-quality grapes organically grown served on gluten free bread baked from scratch every 30 minutes. And I'd pay $49 for that sandwich and strut around acting like Donald Trump!! How fun!! The only thing making it better would be to run the heater in the summer time. Get it nice and scorching hot in there so you can smell everyone's organic single-source BO. Maybe someone could even faint from the heat?? Live entertainment is what I call it!!!

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