Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yogurtland Plans to Bring FroYo Back to TOWN Brookhaven

FroYo is coming back to TOWN Brookhaven.

Irvine, California-based Yogurtland will soon open a new location at TOWN Brookhaven.  The new FroYo shop will open in a space between Salon Red and Salon Red Kids.  

FroYo is not new to Atlanta and not new to TOWN Brookhaven where Swirll previously opened and closed.  The Swirll shop closed in late 2012 and was replaced by 18/8 Fine Men's Salon this past June.  Local franchise FroYo concept Yoforia continues to operate on Dresden Drive near Kaleidoscope.  

Texas-based Swirll once had three locations in metro Atlanta but all of them have closed.  Other national operations like Menchies and Pinkberry as well as local chains Yoforia and Yoreka! have all closed Atlanta area locations.  
Yogurtland has performed well overall with successful locations in Buckhead near Northside Drive and at the Forum in Norcross.  A third location opened in Peachtree City but did not last long.  

Interestingly, price had previously been used by Yogurtland to attract new customers.  When they first opened in Buckhead, their price per ounce was 33 cents, the cheapest in the market.  As time has gone on, and with new places opening and closing, Yogurtland has slowly raised their prices to their current level of 45 cents per ounce.  

Most yogurt joints that opened in Atlanta in the frozen yogurt resurgence offered yogurt by the ounce at about 39 cents per ounce, give or take two cents.  Today, most franchised operations are well above that level with Yogli Mogli at 46, Menchies at 51 and  Yoforia at 54.  (These prices per ounce may vary slightly by location.)  The only places I know where one can still get frozen yogurt at 39 cents are at either select Kroger stores (Cherokee Plaza for one) or select RaceTrac locations (Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker for instance.) In some cases, convenience store and or grocery store FroYo comes from the same suppliers that supply chains like Menchies and Yogli Mogli. 

It's just a hunch, but I would not be shocked to see Yogurtland raise their prices to the 48 cent neighborhood once their new location opens.  As of now, plans call for the Yogurtland in TOWN Brookhaven to open in October.  

Do you think Yogurtland will find success in TOWN Brookhaven or has the yogurt craze died? What would you like to see open next in TOWN Brookhaven?  Where is your favorite spot for yogurt in Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.  


AJ said...

I am "over" the yogurt craze. That being said, there's still room in the market for good yogurt stores. Yogurtland is one of the best in my opinion. With all the restaurants, the movie theater, and the apartments, it can do well there. You can't compare it to Swirl which was a waste of time/space/effort!!

Anonymous said...

A dessert option outside of Ben and Jerry's will be good for TB but I feel that the design and layout of the development is a big limiter to how successful certain retailers/restaurants can be.

Anonymous said...

The entire layout and shopping center actually works against most of the tenants. And the leasing rates they're asking for adds even more pain. That said, Yogurtland is good, but I can't seem them bringing in enough volume day in day out month after month even if they knock it out the ballpark in the summers to break even and stay alive. Some pros to Yogurtland but a lot more and bigger cons that will most likely end up as another failed business.

Anonymous said...

Glad Yogurtland is coming to Town Brookhaven for my husband's sake. Awesomeness!

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