Friday, December 19, 2014

Cheap Cleaners Planning Cheshire Bridge Location

Budget dry cleaners continues to expand 

EZ One Price Cleaners plans to open its third metro Atlanta location early next year on a Cheshire Bridge Road.  

Plans call for the dry cleaners to replace the soon to close Quiznos Subs in the same center as the large FedEx facility. At 2,900 square feet, the new location will be the group's smallest.  

The first EZ One Price opened on Roswell Road in north Buckhead last year, and was followed by a second location on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs earlier this year.  

EZ One Price is an Atlanta-based business started by two local entrepreneurs.  The company offers dry cleaning services for $1.99 with a model built on volume rather than high prices.   

The trouble with EZ One Price is that while they locate themselves in high income areas, where one could anticipate that customers will have high value and designer items, their staff seems ill-prepared, if not aloof.  Personally, I've had multiple items not properly cleaned and one even soiled / damaged worse than when I dropped it off.  A glance at the Buckhead location's Yelp reviews leads one to conclude that I'm not the only one to have experienced problems.  Despite many attempts at reaching management, I've been unable to reach either someone who speaks English or someone willing to speak with me regarding my concerns.  

EZ One Price Cleaners (Buckhead location) has a C- rating with the BBB including six complaints since April.  (I have not yet registered my complaint.)

If all goes well, the new EZ One Price location will open by March.  Plans call for at least two additional locations in the coming months, likely one in midtown.  With two locations open and management unable to properly deal with existing customers, I worry about this company's prospects going forward.  


Amy said...

deal is not done and not sure it is happening.

Atlantan99 said...


Yes, as stated the dry cleaners is "planning" for a new location.

Thank you for your comments and readership!

SB said...

I hope it happens! I go out of my way to the one on Roswell every month. This one would be very close to me. I took my wife's dress there and they proactively told me it was too ornate for them to safely clean. I appreciated that honesty. Their prices on suit jackets and pants are so cheap. I haven't had anything damaged yet nor any lack of quick service. I too read the reviews and have also see people walk in while I was there or call in pissed off. I guess I bring simple clothing that is hard to mess up! Met the owner one day and he chatted with me for a couple minutes which surprised me considering the reviews I'd read.

John said...

They don't supervise employees job , nobody who you can talk to, no manager no one who speak English, messed up on my order couple of times , the one on Roswell the first they opened is where I used to go, totally lack of supervision and lack of management, they really dont care. Don't go there

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