Friday, December 5, 2014

La Tagliatella Says "Addio" to Atlanta

Italian eatery exits Atlanta market

La Tagliatella, part of Poland-based AmRest, has closed its Emory Point location on Clifton Road, across the street from the CDC.  The casual Italian chain restaurant opened in early 2013, preceded by a location at Metropolis in Midtown on Peachtree Street.  The two Atlanta area locations led the chain's entry in North America. The Emory Point location reportedly closed late last week.

As I was first to report earlier this year, La Tagliatella's arrival in the states has not gone as smoothly as hoped.  La Tagliatella's Midtown location closed in March.  The space will not stay vacant for long with Fado Irish Pub planning to open there early next year. 

After Atlanta, La Tagliatella locations opened in Arlington, Virginia, Germantown, Maryland, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Coral Gables, Florida.  The Coral Gables location closed a couple of months ago, the other three remain open for now.

La Tagliatella became part of AmRest following the Polish company's 2011 purchase of Spanish restaurant operator Restauravia. At that time, it was reported that due to La Tagliatella's "exceptionally profitable business model," it would "be one of the main drivers of AmRest's global expansion."

Jon Watson of the AJC gave La Tagliatella's Emory Point location a zero star "mediocre" rating.  Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post was a little kinder when it came to stars, awarding the restaurant a 1/2 star, but overall "poor." Sietsema said of La Tagliatella,  "Just say "No, grazie" to La Tagliatella," calling it "a threat to our nation."   

AmRest's fast casual concept, daVia Italian Market Eating, remains open at Perimeter Place in Dunwoody but I fear it may be on its last leg.  

The La Tagliatella closure, while not a surprise, is the second large restaurant closure at Emory Point following the February closure of Bonefish Grill.  The General Muir and Fresh to Order remain the development's most popular eateries with others like Which Wich, BurgerFi and Tin Lizzy's reportedly doing "ok" business.  

Phase two of Emory Point will debut this upcoming spring and will be anchored by intown Atlanta's first Earth Fare grocery store.  A handful of restaurants are also being added in addition to a salon.  

What is your favorite eatery at Emory Point? What would you like to see open in place of La Tagliatella?  What should open in place of Bonefish Grill?  

Please weigh in below.  


Anonymous said...

Any idea what is going in on the northwest(?) corner of Roswell Road and Hammond Drive? It has been a green grassy area for the longest time, but now there is a chain link fence around it and some construction equipment.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here if this location was managed as poorly as the Metropolis location. My friend had a totally full glass of red wine spilled on his shirt and lap by a server and the manager took 10% off his tab... And, only after the manager came over and said everything "looks ok".... LOL

Anonymous said...

I actually liked the Emory Point location. I thought the food was pretty good, so I visited many times. There were a number of instances of screwed up orders or other mistakes, but the management would generally give me the meal for free in return.

Anonymous said...

Carrabba's Italian Grill would be nice. Same owners as Bonefish Grill, but better concept for Emory Point.

Anonymous said...

Emory Point sucks as a location. Most all the retailers are in dire straits! They were all sold a bill of goods from Cousins properties. Bottom line Emory Point is a pathetic location and will never be a decent destination. Anyone looking to lease there beware!

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