Monday, December 8, 2014

New Buckhead Tavern Aims to Know Your Name

Buckhead Tavern coming to Pharr Road 

Following the closure of  short-lived flagship restaurant Bonehead's, Ron Barber has regrouped to open a new concept.  "Destined as Atlanta’s own neighborhood 'Cheers',” Buckhead Tavern will open at the corner of Pharr Road and North Fulton Drive in the bottom of the Eclipse Condo building.  

A reader of this blog hinted at the conversion plans a couple of months ago, but there had been no movement or permits filed.  Interestingly, according to the city of Atlanta, the only permit filed for the restaurant was labeled as "sign business" on November 13th. Further investigation reveals this will be a halogen lit 29 square inch wall sign that is estimated to cost $2,500 and will be bolted to the wall.  

With this being the only permit filed, it would seem as though no significant work will be done to change the restaurant from Boneheads to Buckhead Tavern.  

Barber, who formerly operated Scenario (one of the most commented upon stories on this site ever), a hybrid restaurant, club and lounge at Chastain Square on Roswell Road, has brought in a familiar name to help run his new concept.  Johnny Esposito, Jr., son of the late nightlife and entertainment leader and founder of the legendary Johnny’s Hideaway, Johnny Esposito, Sr.  Barber and Esposito will reportedly jointly own the new concept with Esposito likely to run most, if not all, day to day operations.  

"Buckhead Tavern will offer fresh, approachable tavern fare, handcrafted cocktails and a curated selection of beer and wine in addition to live entertainment Thursday through Sunday."

Buckhead Tavern will be helmed by Executive chef Nicole Christner along with her culinary team led by chef de cuisine Roberto Barth. 

The restaurant's menu seems far from your typical tavern fare. Menu items are likely to include "Asian-braised short ribs, brined thick-cut pork chop with rosemary apple jus, truffled cauliflower/potato mash and broccoli rabe; and grilled salmon with brown sugar & mustard glaze, truffled cauliflower/potato mash and edamame succotash."

Plans call for the new restaurant to open December 18th. 

Do you think Buckhead Tavern will succeed where Boneheads failed?  Does the sample menu for Buckhead Tavern appeal to you?  What menu item, amenity or drink must Buckhead Tavern have to get you in the door?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

They probably just made cosmetic changes to inside. No change of ownership license for alcohol has been before the City's Lic. Rev. Bd., nor a change to allow live music.
Parking is non-existent. What is the over under on this place outliving the short run of Boneheads?

Anonymous said...

"approachable tavern fare"

um, all tavern fare is pretty much approachable by nature.

Anonymous said...

Parking is non existent?? There is a public parking garage right behind the restaurant. And Buckhead Atlanta has 2,200 spaces. Parking aside, who knows if it will catch on. Elbow Room is pretty well established on Pharr.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend that lived in Eclipse a while back, and at the time the garage was for tenents. Regardless, I don't see this lasting very long. The logisitics of the location are too similar to that at the corner of Pharr and Grandview.

Carl Muth said...

I can already see that their rent and labor costs are way too high for "approachable tavern fare." I can only imagine what their food costs will be........

Anonymous said...

I think following in the footsteps of Cheers, where you know your customers name is essential. However, other issues such as parking may be to difficult to overcome.

On a side note, I think all retailers should learn their customers names. Such as clothing stores, restaurants, dry cleaning Stores etc.

I say this only because Michael Coles who is a former President of Caribou Coffee insisted that his employees learn their customers name and their drink preference.

This was one way he hoped to differentiate his company from Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard of walking!!!! Try it, it doesn't require parking.

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