Sunday, December 28, 2014

Two Bars Come and Go, But Mr. C's Remains

Central City Tavern at the District at Howell Mill has closed.  Additionally, Stooges Sports Bar & Grille in nearby Howell Mill Village has also closed.  The two bars closed within a few days of each other and both seemingly without notice.  

Central City Tavern was for many years located at the corner of Peachtree and Collier Roads but relocated to the District at Howell Mill in 2009. The 3,956 square foot location was reportedly on the verge of closing to become a new Italian concept in late 2010, but the deal fell apart and the restaurant remained open.   Central City Tavern was sold by then-owner Brad Roe to brothers Amish & Himesh Patel in July 2011.  
Stooge's also moved, but within its same center. The sports bar relocated last year to allow for the new unleashed by Petco.  Stooge's moved from a space measuring about 3,900 sq. ' to a 3,700 square foot space in the Publix-anchored center.  
Popular watering hole Mr. C's, located essentially between the two shuttered bars, reportedly pitched in to assist displaced Stooge's employees with raffles and reportedly, job options.  

The Stooge's space is already listed as available on the Howell Mill Village site, while the Central City Tavern space is still listed by name as occupied on the District site.  The Central City Tavern lease was reportedly up for renewal with the operators unwilling to pony up a "significant rent increase."  The Central City Tavern space will reportedly become a Chinese eatery.   

While the name or concept of the planned Chinese eatery is not known at this point, the area is not without existing options.  Extreme Teriyaki Grill Express is, of course, already open in the same center, with Chin Chin next door in the adjacent Kroger center.  Canton Chopsticks is not far away on Howell Mill Road, with New Dragon also not far away on Collier Road. 


jeff a. taylor said...

I've given up trying to figure out the logic behind restaurant placement in the ATL. Seems to boil down to just throwing stuff into a space and seeing if it sticks for all but the highest-end segments.

Matt said...

I think you're talking about New Dragon on Collier. Double Dragon is Nintendo or something.

Anyway, the last thing the Howell Mill area needs is yet another (likely boring) Chinese place. I wish some would have the balls to open a real Chinese restaurant and let people deal with the spices. OMG there is something more than General Tso's and Sesame chicken!

Wait, breaking news, next week another establishment will close and we could get yet another Tex-Mex place.

No wonder why that Publix is so busy.

I will say Central City closing is a little surprising but the Stooge's build out sucked. They had fluorescent lights from elementary school in there. Yes, I'm talking about the cheapest ones you could find at HD or Lowe's.

Richard Wells said...

I miss Giorgio's! Anyone up for (re)opening a good pizza and calzone place with pinball and video games in the now defunct Stooge's?

David Clark said...

Shame about CCT. Was a huge fan of the original dive on Peachtree and slowly grew to like the new location, especially with a lot of the old familiar faces still around.

Hadn't been in half a year but heard from friends that the place was going steadily downhill with new management. They were going to cease being regulars; looks like CCT made that choice easy.

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