Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Will Bring a Return of Bruster's to Midtown

Ice cream shop reopening in former location 

Bridgewater, Pennsylvania-based Bruster's Real Ice Cream is reopening their former location at the Trader Joe's-anchored Midtown Promenade shopping center on Monroe Drive.  The freestanding building was built as a Bruster's close to ten years ago but had more recently played host to a Rita's Italian Ice shop.  Rita's closed last year claiming they would later reopen but never did.  

Local Bruster's franchisee Wayne Vincent plans to have his midtown location open by April 15th.  Vincent reportedly already owns two other Bruster's, one in Georgia, the other in Florida. 

Bruster's has closed a number of locations locally over the past few years including shops in Brookhaven, Ormewood and Dunwoody.  The Brookhaven location was co-branded with Nathan's Famous Hotdogs but closed in 2013 to make way for a Kroger expansion.  The Dunwoody location closed a number of years ago and later reopened as Village Burger.  A replacement Bruster's later reopened in a new location, also in Dunwoody Village.  The Ormewood location was located in a small center on Moreland Avenue and is now home to Morelli's, a popular local ice cream shop.  (Interestingly, close by, Morelli's also occupies a former Cold Stone Creamery space in the Edgewood Retail District.)  

Could ice cream be seeing a resurgence at a time when frozen yogurt appears in decline?  Do you think reopening this Bruster's will prove successful?  What is your favorite ice cream shop?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

I only eat ice cream or frozen yogurt as an occasional treat and prefer ice cream over yogurt. I suspect more people are looking at the cost/health issues and making a decision that they too would just as soon go with ice cream.

Regrettably I’ve never tried Morelli's I need to remember to stop in next time I pass their location. As for Bruster’s I like their ice cream and the service has always been pretty good. The only issue is that the locations I’ve visited have little or no space to sit and enjoy your cone.

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs to try Morelli's Jalepano Cocunut! Don't laugh or say 'yeew' - just go try it. FYI, they do not have it all the time, but ask and they will tell you when.

Jim said...

Rita's sold frozen custard. Where can I go to cure a custard craving?

Anonymous said...

I heard Andy's frozen custard may be coming to Atlanta. Any idea if that's true?

AJ said...

@Jim -

And there are some other Rita's still around... But Vintage is great!

Anonymous said...

for custard, there's a place called Baren's, but they're way up in Gwinnett. I remember my dad taking my brother and I to their Buhi location around 1980-82 and it was excellent. I haven't been to the Grayson location.

The Rita's custard always seems a tad odd to me. Like it's not that cold and not that wet. I'll still eat it but I'm not sure I love it.

I actually find DQ softserve to be pretty much like custard, and quite satisfying.


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