Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ponce City Market Hits A High Note With Planned City Winery

Reggae artist Matisyahu performs at City Winery New York 
Exciting new concept coming to Ponce City Market 

New York-based City Winery is coming to Ponce City Market this fall.  Part restaurant, part lounge, part concert venue, City Winery delivers a rather unique experience not currently found in Atlanta. 

The Atlanta location of City Winery will be about 26,000 square feet over two levels at Ponce City Market.  The venue will occupy suites 101 and 201 and feature an outdoor terrace as well. 

The venue is also available for private dining, and judging from photos I found online, has hosted a wedding or two.  

Based on the menus of existing City Winery locations, guests can expect to find assorted wines on tap and by the bottle.  In addition, "shareables," like crispy risotto balls, cheese plates and assorted flatbreads, are likely to be found on the menu.  "main acts," or entrees, are likely to include assorted steaks, seafood, burgers and pastas.  There were definitely some "signature" items found on more than one of the locations' menus but there is clearly an effort to tailor the menu to the local market.   

Michael Dorf, a veteran of the New York music /club scene, previously  opened the Knitting Factory in New York in 1987. A record label by the same name followed in New York, and later a concert venue in Los Angeles.  Wishing to expand the business and its offerings in the late 90s, Dorf took in three rounds of venture capital funding.  Following the dot-com bubble bursting and 9/11, Dorf lost the company to those "vulture" capitalists.  

The first City Winery opened in New York City in 2008 and has since expanded to locations in Chicago, Napa, California and Nashville, where they opened this past fall.  

The concept behind the business is nothing new, just packaged and delivered in a new way.  Each location seats about 300, creating an environment large enough to attract top talent, yet small enough to still feel intimate.  At its core, City Winery is meant to provide an intimate setting, good food and great wine to music fans (most over 40) who will pay more for a specialized experience.  

The Atlanta location is slated to open in September, and will be followed by a location in Boston late this year, or in early 2016.  Dorf has previously hinted at Toronto being on his short list for upcoming locations.  Plans call for as many as 20 locations over the next several years and eventually as many as 40. 


billy said...

Will it open in September? Will it? Or do you mean September 2017? I've had my hopes dashed too many times by projected openings at PCM to have any faith anymore

clincher said...

Wow. This is lame. Wine based music venue? Just took a look at the gigs around the country. Bland music and wine. The 40 year old + suburbanites are going to flock to this in droves. First lame move by PCM IMHO.

Could have hit a home run with a music venue but this is boring.

Unknown said...

City Winery will be an amazing addition to PCM and Atlanta! I moved from Atlanta to Chicago a few years ago and have been to the Chicago location many times. They bring in some amazing talent for performances in an intimate setting. The food/drink are always top notch – it makes for a really fine evening of music and dining and most events are very reasonably priced. I'm sure it will be big hit in Atlanta.

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