Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yet Another New Apartment Complex is "Coming Soon" to Buckhead: Can The Area Handle It?

Another new complex is heading to Buckhead.

Atlanta-based Coro Realty Advisors plans to soon begin work on its long rumored apartment complex on Piedmont Road.  The complex will be built in place of the former Bridgetown Grill / Bertucci's Pizza restaurant on Piedmont Road, in front of LA Fitness and across the street from Terminus.  The restaurant building was demolished a few years ago and has sat vacant ever since.  

The artist's rendering seems to show at least a few hundred units and at least a half dozen ground level retail / restaurant spaces.

Coro has been quite active in capitalizing on their existing assets by adding residential components to their properties. In Buckhead Place, Coro previously built "05 Buckhead," a 20-story, 155 unit luxury apartment complex in 2009. 

Coro also separated its Brookwood Place property in south Buckhead to create two projects.  Brookwood Place would remain intact on the south end of the center while Coro partnered with Grayco to develop a 249 unit apartment complex in place of the northern portion of the center.

As a proud Buckhead homeowner, I'm pleased to see development.  I worry though, with over 10,000 new units recently completed, under construction, or announced, that the streets and infrastructure of the area can't support this tremendous boom in residential development.  

Especially in the case of Maple Drive and Stratford Road, for there to suddenly be nearly 600 new units on each road, it sounds like an added traffic nightmare.  

Below, I've compiled a sampling of Buckhead apartment complexes announced, under construction, or recently completed.

SkyHouse Buckhead (open)
3390 Stratford Road 
364 units
Studio,1,2 & 3 BR from $1400 - $3015

Broadstone Maple (under construction)
Maple Drive, between East Paces Ferry an Peachtree Roads
250 units 
Units and pricing TBD

Cyan on Peachtree (under construction)
3800 Peachtree Road
329 units 
1-3 BR starting at $1625 - $4885

Berkshire Terminus [fka Crescent Terminus] (open)
20 Terminus Place 
355 units
Studio-2 BR $1128-2021

The Elle of Buckhead (open)
235 Pharr Road 
373 units 
1 & 2 BR units. $1445-$2586

Un-named Gables Residential complex (planned)
Corner of East Paces Ferry Road and Maple Drive
327 units 
*Apartments with townhomes and limited commercial space
Pricing and units TBD

Camden Paces (open)
77 East Andrews Drive
379 units  
1-3 BR starting at $1699 - $5229

AMLI CityPlace (under construction)
16-acre parcel at Roxboro and East Paces Ferry Roads 
640 units 
Studio,1,2 & 3 BR units, pricing TBD

Former Parkside at Buckhead (under construction)
475  Buckhead Avenue 
375 units
Unit size and pricing TBD

Vacant parcel adjacent to the Buckhead Theatre (planned)
3116 Roswell Road
353 units 
*Nearly 13,000 of ground floor commercial space 
Unit size & pricing TBD

Domain at Phipps Plaza (under construction)
*3500 Peachtree Road (Phipps Plaza address) located at rear of mall
319 "mid-rise" units
Studio, 1 & 2 BR
Pricing TBD

Lenox Towers (planned)
*3393 Peachtree Road (Lenox Square address) located at rear of mall
440 units 
Pricing and units TBD

Post Alexander (under construction)
3410 Alexander Road (Corner of Phipps Boulevard & Lenox Road)
340 units *Second phase of existing property 

Although not especially close (in its current form) to any of the aforementioned complexes, PATH 400 has the potential to be a wonderful amenity for the Buckhead community.  The 5.2 mile greenway path will eventually connect to the Atlanta BeltLine and will offer area residents a great bike / walk / run option close to home.  

What are your thoughts on the dizzying number of new apartment units coming to Buckhead? What complex are you most intrigued / angered by?  What one thing could the City of Atlanta, the Buckhead Coalition or any other group do to make transit better in Buckhead?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

"As a proud Buckhead homeonwer..." LOL
Narcissistic much??

Anonymous said...

What a rude comment. I am a proud Buckhead homeowner too!

Anonymous said...

Most likely the first comment came from a "beleaguered Atlantic Station resident" that can't handle the painful truth about their own neighborhood.

A Proud Gwinnett County Homeowner

Anonymous said...

Yeah, rude comment dude. Troll... Are we not supposed to be proud of the area we live in, take pride in the community and care about whats happening there?

I am also a proud Buckhead homeowner of 8 years. Fabulous community, amenities, schools, etc.

The commuting crowd and the urban in-town crowd don't "get" what Buckhead is. They just think of all the commercial development along Peachtree. They are completely missing the beautiful neighborhoods, parks, historic homes, churches, schools, ect. Also, we have access to nearly every cultural amenity in the city within 5-10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

uhhh...Buckhead is "Urban in-town" bud.

Anonymous said...

The existing infrastructure in Buckhead is already at a critical limit, especially the stretch between Piedmont and Lenox Road. That little stretch is death valley on most weekends with the mall traffic jamming it up. It will be very interesting to see the dynamic when Skyhouse and Cyan are fully occupied.

I like the movement south of Peachtree to build in that low density area between Pharr and Peachtree. It has better access (a grid!) and flow into various points of Buckhead.

This particular development, is being placed in a terrible location. This is another massive choke point in Buckhead and cannot handle much more. How are residents going to turn left onto Piedmont? It would be better to tear down the furniture and rug store and build there. Or fill in the gaps on Lenox between the Marriott and Houstons. Seems that there are better plots of land to build on in Buckhead instead of this one.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Developers gonna develop, and municipalities gotta pay pensions.

We had better come up with some systemic check on growth, because otherwise development continues like Stage 4 cancer, when the body loses all defenses to metastasis. The growth continues until the organism's death.

cafeej said...

There really is no "critical limit" - the congestion will force people out of their cars. It will be quicker to get to a destination on foot in Buckhead rather than getting into a car. Those coming from outside Buckhead to shop/eat/drink will determine whether the opportunity lost by the minutes/hours waiting to getting through a few intersections is worth the benefit once arriving at the destination.

I have lived in Brookhaven since 2002 and have experienced greater traffic and congestion due to the increased density from all the new apartments built in the last several years. It will take quite a few more years to reach the density of Buckhead but can see market forces pushing the density northward from Buckhead. The wildcard will be the city council - c urrently it is very pro developer but that could change in one election.

AJ said...

Wow, rent is high! I've been out of the rental market for about 15 years. I knew rent had been going up after the recession, but it's crazy. You can easily get a condo the size of these apartments and pay less.

Anonymous said...

Looking over that lengthily list, the apartment bubble could be approaching quickly in Buckhead.

Anonymous said...

If you're proud to boast where you're from, do it! If you're not, well then, you can always move to a community you love.

-Proud native/homeowner of south Buckhead

Regarding the topic, it's great to see so many people moving here, but I'm really tired of seeing more and more apartments going up all over town. There are plenty of other places in the metro area to live and there have to be vacancies. I live in the Howell Mill/Collier Road area and we are already congested. It seems like every empty lot, no matter the size, is being developed into multi-family housing. Enough! I want restaurants and shops, not apartments.

Anonymous said...

Eric - Unfortunately that same logic won't work in Atlanta.

While I agree that higher density generally makes neighborhoods more walkable, the infrastructure in Atlanta will prevent this. This is so because, even though the density is improving, the city won't be dense enough to provide the benefits that residents require in order to walk.

On top of that, the city has done nothing to make itself an actual walkable place - other than add density (which they then hamper with surface parking and huge parking decks). The sidewalks are barely wide enough for two people to walk side by side. Because of the wildly inefficient use of land, no area really has enough amenity / attraction to be considered a self-sufficient neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what amenities you're looking for but these apartments are next to a grocery store, gym, countless shops and restaurants, jobs, etc, and its an easy walk to MARTA. Yes its not perfect and pedestrian improvements improvements along with more greenspace is needed, but its pretty baseless to say this area lack amenities

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