Thursday, May 28, 2015

Corner Tavern Reborn as "The Whelan"

The former Corner Tavern reopening as new eatery 

Jason Da Luz, reportedly one of the original partners of Corner Tavern, has taken over the group's former West Midtown location. The West Midtown location closed about two weeks ago after originally opening in 2010.

The new eatery, "The Whelan," is slated to open for dinner tonight at 6pm.  The restaurant gets its name from Da Luz's  Irish mother whose maiden name was Whelan.

While Da Luz is South African, the eatery will not be an Irish or South African pub. Instead, expect an "upscale pub atmosphere with American favorites."

The Whelan is located on Huff Road at the Apex West Midtown apartments.  


Unknown said...

So just a few corrections I would like to make because this is a friend of mine. His last name is Da Luz not Daluv and he is in fact South African not irish.

Atlantan99 said...


Thanks for the corrections. I've updated the post to reflect this new information.

Thanks for your comments and continued readership.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! That did not take long, we barely knew the corner tavern had even closed.

Huh? said...

So sad that the same people are involved. I live within walking distance and avoided that place like the plague. Hands down worst service in Atlanta. Stop hiring skinny jean hipster douchbags who treat customers like shit. Yelp reviews pretty much say it all. If the new owner can shed some light on how the place has improved, other than the name change and menu switch-up, maybe I will give it another shot. This is the west side, not East Atlanta hipster heaven.

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