Friday, May 1, 2015

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar to Replace Goldfish at Perimeter Mall

Goldfish plans an eventful long goodbye in Dunwoody

Atlanta-based Here to Serve Restaurants is closing its Goldfish restaurant at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody.  The casual seafood restaurant opened in 2000 as part of the mall's renovation and restaurant additions.  Control of Here to Serve recently transferred from Tom Catherall, its co-founder, to Leigh Catherall, his ex-wife and co-founder.  The decision was made to focus the group's attention on the concepts it sees most poised for continued success and growth.  

Plans call for Goldfish to cease operations by the end of the May, which is the end of their lease.  

To commemorate the restaurant's closing, Here To Serve will be offering patrons a number of "Farewell Promotions" this month. 

Specials include: 

15% off all food items on Sundays and Mondays 
“Throw Back” Tuesday  -  Half-price fish and steaks each Tuesday 
Live music on Thursday and Friday 
Appearances by well-loved corporate Sushi Chef Jimmy Meas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Seafood boils on select Sundays

In addition, Goldfish will donate a portion of its sales during May to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  

Late last year, Here to Serve closed its popular Shout restaurant at Colony Square in midtown. Going forward, the group will continue to operate Noche (4 units), Prime, Aja, Twist, Coast, Smash, Strip and Shucks.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar plans to open in the former Goldfish space early next year.  

Cowfish at CityWalk at Universal Orlando 
The first Cowfish opened in late 2010 at The Village at SouthPark, a smaller center adjacent to the popular SouthPark Mall.  Cowfish occupies a former The Grape Wine Bar, a now defunct Atlanta-based franchise whose Charlotte location was co-owned by entertainer Usher.  

As its name suggests, Cowfish features a menu specializing in burgers and sushi as well as something call "Burgushi," described as  a "fusion of burgers and sushi." The website invites would-be patrons to "open your mind and your taste buds as you experience these originals brought to you by The Cowfish!!!"  

Although I have yet to try the food, the "burgushi" sounds quite strange and I'm not so sure the largely corporate clientele of the Dunwoody / Sandy Springs area will take to it.
The Perimeter location will be 8,000 square feet, 2,000 square feet larger than the Charlotte restaurant.  

Since its original Charlotte opening, Cowfish has expanded to Raleigh and Orlando with single locations in each market.  

Have you been to Cowfish?  If so, what were your thoughts? What do you think of "Burgushi?" Do you think Cowfish will be successful in Dunwoody?  Will you miss Goldfish?

Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

Cowfish sounds literally insane. No one has ever had the desire to combine a burger and sushi.

Vinnyfresh said...

I have eaten at the one in Orlando and it is really good. I am definitely looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

been to the one in Charlotte, really good food and vibe. good riddance Goldfish, concept was tired. great add to Perim. Mall.

Bela Naomi said...

I've eaten at the one in Charlotte, and I agree, it was really good. The best is their "bento box" which gives you a sampling of practically everything on their menu in one place. I was impressed!

ttorabisu said...

Very excited!!! Was on business in Chartlotte for 2 weeks. I dined at Cowfish several times. Good Burgers and Sushi... Best of Both Worlds.

drummerpop said...

Leigh Catherall is going to burn Tom's empire to the ground. His best managers left. She fired his children. My family has fond memories from his many restaurants. Twist will next on the chopping block. I guarantee Here to Serve will be a memory in 5 years. Sad.

Anonymous said...

this reminded me how that 'shoder' place at N. Dekalb Mall saved money by reusing the Rhodes signage.

I think that this place should hold onto the 'gold' and maybe it can later become a Goldberg's.


Tyler said...

The restaurant in Charlotte is awesome! It's always packed and has delicious food. Definitely try it when they open in the A!

Anonymous said...

I ate at the one in Charlotte a few years back. As much as people talk about the fusion stuff on the menu, I just had sushi, and it was as good as what I ate in Tokyo years before. Glad they're coming here, but I wish it weren't at Perimeter.

Anonymous said...

The "largely corporate clientele" and many others will love this place. Ate at the Orlando location a couple of weeks ago and it was great!
Glad the location isn't Buckhead or Midtown so us OTP'ers don't have too far to drive.

JMP said...

Welcome CowFish at Permeter!! they will do well,'

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely right. Aja just closed back in early September. I was an employee there. We all were not informed in till the night of closing. Some labor day weekend. Alot of my dear coworkers who've been with the company for 10 plus years have yet to be place at another restaurant. Smh

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