Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just 3 Corners Remain: Westside Corner Tavern Closed

Corner  Tavern has closed its westside location

Signage at The Westside location of Corner Tavern suggests that the restaurant is "renovating."  A call to another location, however, confirms it is instead closed and has "merged with" its Little 5 Points location, according to a spokesperson at the Little 5 location.  The Westside Corner Tavern was located on Huff Road beneath the Apex West Midtown apartments.  The Westside location originally opened during summer, 2010.  In early 2013, the location suffered significant damage resulting from an unsuccessful attempt (by car) of would-be thieves hoping to access the restaurant's ATM.  

La Urbana tequila & mezcal bar was located alongside Corner Tavern at Apex but re-concepted earlier this year to become a new location of Monterrey Mexican Restaurant. Bone Lick BBQ remains open in a space adjacent to the Corner Tavern space.    

Three remaining Corner Tavern locations in East Point, Edgewood and Little 5 will reportedly remain open.  The Little 5 location reopened this past March after a May 2013 fire forced it to close.  


Anonymous said...

Does the tendency for restaurants to say they're renovating when they're really closed have something to do with leasing contracts? Perhaps the landlord wants the business to disguise their failure until the lease runs out? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

You're forgetting the Corner Pub in Decatur (East Decatur Station) near Figo. It does very good business and often picks up a lot of folks coming after their tours of the nearby breweries.

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