Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rare Escada Boutique Coming to Lenox Square

Inside of a typical Escada boutique 
Escada planning Lenox Square location 

German fashion house Escada plans to open a new boutique on the first floor of Lenox Square's Luxury Wing.  The store will occupy suite "3029D" which, given a recent renumbering of the suites, I believe to be the former Kate Spade store. Kate Spade relocated from Lenox Square to Phipps Plaza last year. Their former Lenox store was located between Carolina Herrera and Ralph Lauren in the Neiman Marcus-anchored Luxury Wing.  

Escada, primarily a womens clothing and accessory luxury brand, started in Germany in 1976.

Escada has an existing Atlanta area presence in Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square and at Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza where both its signature and Escada Spot lines are carried.   

In late 2009, Indian entrepreneur Megha Mittal purchased Escada, which had filed for bankruptcy.  Mittal  is a 1997 graduate of the Wharton School of Business with a B.S. in Economics with a concentration in Finance.  

Although I question the expansion of a brand that has struggled to stay relevant in recent years, Escada's opening in Lenox is a great sign of the strength of the mall.

A brief online search shows that the store is actively seeking to fill various sales and management positions with a planned fall opening.  

What are your thoughts on Escada opening a store in Atlanta?  Are you a fan of the Escada brand?  Do you think Escada should have opened in Buckhead Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.    


Anonymous said...

wait? how can this be? Malls are supposed to be dead!!! Damn Simon Property Group, destroying our city one deal at a time. - signed the fake urbanist and street shopping snob.

Anonymous said...

Malls are dead....to those with an interest in creating dynamic cities with unique personalities and sustainable growth. They are not dead to out-of-work loiterers and suburban transients who need somewhere to meander aimlessly while buying bland goods from generic retailers.

-signed the person who doesn't take the lease for a single tenant as a benchmark for a greater trend, i.e. someone with an IQ above 75

Ham said...

I think the health of Lenox shows that the traditional enclosed mall is not dead. When you consider the hot summers in Atlanta it’s difficult to imagine that the open air shopping malls will ever totally replacing enclosed places like Lenox, Phipps and Perimeter. However, some of the other enclosed malls really have some work to do.

Unknown said...

Any updates as to whether Tom Ford is official? Also any more rumored Signings for Buckhead Atlanta.

Anonymous said...


Tom Ford is expanding and Atlanta was one of the cities it was expanding into by the end of the year. So it is indeed legit.

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