Monday, June 29, 2015

Bojangles' Has Georgia on Its Mind

The new Bojangles' in Brasleton 
Bojangles' continues to expand in Georgia.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bojangles' is continuing their expansion into metro Atlanta with newly planned locations in Marietta and Lawrenceville.  

The new freestanding restaurant in Marietta will be built in place of a one time Shoney's restaurant at 3101 Canton Highway.  Most recently, the restaurant operated as Players Sports Bar & Cafe.  The Marietta location is being opened by the same franchise group who this past May opened a new Bojangles' on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs

In Lawrenceville, Bojangles' will open a 3,800 square foot unit on 1065 Old Peachtree Road, adjacent to QuikTrip, on vacant land once home to a small gas station. Plans call for the corporately-owned restaurant to open in October.  

Bojangles' seems to have an affinity for locating their restaurants within close proximity of QuikTrip or RaceTrac gas stations.  The Lawrenceville location has the added benefit of being as close to the highway as a business is likely to be allowed.  

A corporately owned Bojangles' opened this past Sunday at 5650 Green Street in Braselton.  The location joins existing north Georgia locations in Gainesville, Buford, Dawsonville, Dacula, Cornelia, Jefferson and Commerce.    

Bojangles' also has corporate stores planned for Doraville and Chamblee, both of which are progressing, but slower than anticipated.  A well placed source indicates that the Doraville location is moving along well and could break ground within the next 60-90 days. The Chamblee location has yet to be fully approved by all necessary entities. 

Another franchised unit is planned for Memorial Drive in Decatur. The freestanding restaurant will be built in place of an empty lot by the former Avondale/Columbia Mall (current Walmart Supercenter.) 

Bojangles' went public last month and after shooting up about 40%, to nearly $28 mid-day, ended the day up 25%, at $23.75.    Today, the stock is closer to its $19 IPO, opening this week at $23.51.   


Ham said...

I wonder if Bojangles is expanding too fast. I ate at one of the new locations when it first opened last winter, but have only been back once. On the second visit we were a little disappointed in the quality of service/food.

Also, I realize this is kind of off the wall, but does anyone remember an old ice skating rink that was located near the old Avondale Mall?

vespajet said...

I used to work by the location they opened up on Panola Road, and the quality started to slip several months after they opened. At lunch time, the place used to be packed and the drive through line wrapped around the building. After the first of the year, those crowds disappeared and the quality of the food had become hit or miss. So it became no different than any of the other fast food places in the area, spotty service and spotty food quality.

While giving a serious go at it in the Atlanta market makes sense (Their intial push seemed to happen around the time Mrs. Winners went out.), how many of these locations will be closed within 2-3 years, in particular, the franchised locations? They've been pretty savvy about where they're putting locations, as most of them seem to be on the side of the road that gets the bulk of the morning traffic. The ones that aren't on that side of the road aren't too difficult to access. But location doesn't mean a thing if the quality of the food and the quality of service start to decline.

G.G. said...

Wow, that Shoney's / Players has been vacant forever. (Even when Players was there, it always seemed vacant!) I'm not likely to visit Bojangles, but I'm glad to see something that's neither a vape store nor a title loan place open up there.

Gator said...

Chamblee approved all the variances at the May Council meeting. Pages 6-8 on this link:

Anonymous said...

I hope Bojangles is a reader of your Blog, which by he way I think is Great!!

Today I was at their new store in Braselton and would have to agree with the others that the quality was not up to par. It tasted like everything was cooked to far in advance.

fbenario said...

Ham, I learned how to ice-skate at the rink across from the old Avondale Mall back in the early 70s. It was on Midway Rd. just across Columbia from the Wal-Mart. The building is now being used for a kindergarten, I think.

Ham said...

"The building is now being used for a kindergarten, I think."

Oh, wow. I had no idea the building might still be there. I may have to drive over and check it out.

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