Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Eddie Bauer Returning For A New Adventure at Perimeter Mall

Athletic and outdoor apparel retailer returning to Perimeter Mall

Bellevue, Washington-based Eddie Bauer is planning a new store at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody.  The new store will be on the upper level of the Macy's wing in the former Sephora store. (Sephora previously relocated to a new, lower level space near Von Maur.)  The new Eddie Bauer store will be about 5,500 square feet and is slated to open in early 2016.  

Eddie Bauer previously operated a 5,700 square foot store at the mall but closed it in early 2001.  At the time of the closure, a spokesperson claimed the space " just wasn't large enough to accommodate Eddie Bauer."

Back when Eddie Bauer first existed at the mall, Nordstrom was relatively new and the mall's other anchors were Macy's Rich's and J.C. Penney.  Today, the mall is still anchored by Nordstrom and Macy's (in the Rich's space) but the former J.C. Penney was demolished and rebuilt for Dillards while the Macy's became Bloomingdales, which is now Von Maur.   Then Perimeter Mall was owned by Rouse, today it's owned by General Growth Properties (GGP). 

This is not the first time a retailer has exited the mall, only to reopen again years later.  Furniture and interior decoration retailer Z Gallerie closed its Perimeter Mall location in 2009 only to reopen in a different space in 2011.  

Eddie Bauer also previously operated a large store at Mall of Georgia in Buford but it closed in 2013.  Eddie Bauer continues to operate full line stores at The Avenue East Cobb and The Avenue West Cobb as well as outlet stores at Sugarloaf Mills and North Georgia Premium Outlets. 

Interestingly, personnel at the local Eddie Bauer stores seemed to be unaware that a new store was opening despite many job postings across the internet for the new Perimeter store.  

Over the years, Eddie Bauer has gone through a number of ownership changes including at one point being owned by General Mills.  The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2005, and again in 2009.  

Are you excited for Eddie Bauer returning to Perimeter Mall? Who else would you like to see open / return to Perimeter Mall?  What is your favorite outdoor apparel retailer?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

I’ll probably checkout the new store, but generally prefer Orvis. While I realize I’m a little old school I’d love to see the Franklin Planner folks reopen a store at Perimeter or anywhere in Atlanta for that matter. Of course whether Franklin Covey can even stay in business is the bigger question.

Anonymous said...

I was a huge fan of Franklin Covey and in spirit I still am. I struggled desperately and was successful in maintaining my Franklin planner concurrently with my Technology in the Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, and then Blackberry days. Once I powered up my first iPhone it was all over from there.

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that Franklin Covey has (had?) a store in Memphis, but not in Atlanta? That does not make sense to me. Does anyone know the history?

Anonymous said...

Memphis is still on dial-up.

ImAndy said...

I know enough of the history to know that Franklin Covey has nothing to do with Franklin Planner hence will never go out of business. Franklin Covey is a training and consulting company and only licenses the Franklin part of their name to the maker of the official Franklin Planner.

Aside from that where on earth is this store going? I'm not aware of any empty space on the upper level of the Macy's wing. Banana, Sur La Table, Gap, True Religion etc I can think of no empty space in the Upper level Macy's wing. What is in the space today? Sephora has been in their existing space for several years and don't remember them in the Macy's wing but I'm also not a Sephora shopper either.

Anonymous said...

Sephora originally took a part of the original crate and barrel space… I believe it's now home to the Victoria's Secret Pink

Ham said...

My understanding was that Franklin Quest actually purchased the Covey Leadership Center and renamed itself Franklin Covey. So, I assume the plight of the paper planning systems does have a negative impact on the entire organization. Obviously the Leadership Center can continue to operate in some form even if the paper planning portion closed, but I believe as of now they’re one company.


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