Friday, August 21, 2015

Grindhouse Killer Burgers: A Sale, An Opening and a "Big New ITP" Location

Original Grindhouse Killer Burger sold...again

The original Grindhouse Killer Burgers at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market has again been sold, this time to a local resident. 

The 1,500 square foot counter service restaurant has been purchased by Tony Accurso, who reportedly lives "a short bike ride away." Contrasted to the two most recent owners, Accurso, who according to his LinkedIn profile has a background in marketing and advertising, plans to be a "hands on" owner with "incredible plans to grow the business."  Accurso will operate the restaurant though a franchise agreement with Alex Brounstein.  

Both Brounstein and Steve Josovitz, Vice President of  The Shumacher Group, who brokered the sale,  indicate that the Grindhouse at the Curb Market has always been profitable.    

According to a recent press release, as of September 13th, the Market, along with Grindhouse and other vendors, will open on Sunday afternoons, a day on which all had been closed in the past.   

Restauranteur Alex Brounstein first opened Grindhouse Killer Burgers at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in 2009. At that time, I was a student at Georgia State and would often carve time out of my day to make the trek to the restaurant from the university's main campus.  

In the time since the original opening, Brounstein has added new locations to Piedmont Avenue in midtown, South Lumpkin Street in Athens and Concourse D of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  A fifth location is currently under construction on North McDonough Street in downtown Decatur, behind Chick-fil-A and across from Decatur High School.  After a number of delays, Brounstein tells me he is on track to have the Decatur outpost open by "late 2015." 

In addition to the Decatur location, there are reportedly two other Grindhouse locations in the works.  Delaware North, the restaurant's airport operator, is opening a second location in a new area of the T gates, just past security. The additional airport location is on track to open mid-September.  

In more exciting news, Brounstein tells me earlier this week he signed a lease on a "big new Grindhouse ITP." Brounstein would not reveal an exact location, but hinted at it being in line with his openings since the Curb Market. i.e. freestanding, both repurposed and new builds, in high traffic, popular areas.  Given his previous obstacles and setbacks with bureaucratic red tape,  "it won't open until early 2018," he said of the new location. 

Where do you think the new Grindhouse will open?  Are you excited that the Curb Market will be open on Sundays?  Does the existence of the  Atlanta Streetcar (and the fact that it's free until the end of the year) make visiting the Curb Market more appealing?   

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

This reminds me, neighbors are posting on Nextdoor that a Marlow's Tavern is going in next to the new Pure in Brookhaven, have you heard this? Any chance the new ITP Grindhouse could be in Brookhaven?

Anonymous said...

I was at GSU in 2009 too! And I did the exact same thing with going down to Grindhouse for lunch. Good to know the market will be open on Sundays. Keep up the good work with all your great reporting as usual!!

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