Monday, August 24, 2015

Marlow's Tavern Looks to Add Brookhaven Outpost

Meet me at Marlow's... in Brookhaven!

Atlanta-based Marlow's Tavern plans to open their next location in Brookhaven.  The 3,400 square foot restaurant would occupy suite 301 of Brookleigh Marketplace on Johnson Ferry Road in Brookhaven.  The Coro Realty Advisors project is already home to a recently opened two story Pure Taqueria and will soon welcome Bon Glaze, a gourmet doughnut shop, Brookhaven Provisions, and BURN Studios, a fitness facility,  among other tenants.  

A source I spoke with on condition of anonymity reports there is an LOI (letter of intent) on the space, but that the deal is not final.  All indications are that the deal will close in the coming days.  

The Brookhaven location of Marlow's will be the chain's 17th in Georgia and 21st overall.  Marlow's started in Alpharetta in 2004 and has since expanded to central Florida with three locations and a fourth slated to open next month.  

Marlow's has been scouting Brookhaven for a while and seems to have finally found the right location.  

Other new Atlanta area Marlow's are expected to open in Roswell on West Crossville Road in October, and on Shallowford Road in Marietta next June.  

Where would you like to see Marlow's open next?  Where is your favorite Marlow's?  What other businesses would you like to see open in Brookleigh Market?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

wonder where else they looked

Anonymous said...

I was just saying, the only thing Brookhaven is missing is a Marlow'S! NOT!

Anonymous said...

I think Marlow's will do very well here.

I'd like to see The Cooks Warehouse open up here with a focus on cooking classes and wine classes.

I also think a casual family Italian restaurant would be very successful here.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that my comment on your prior post mentioning that this was a rumor was never posted.

Thug Scout said...

There was a Cooks Warehous/Wine Merchant in Brookhaven and it closed down. It was in the same plaza as Hudson Grille and Mellow Mushroom.

Anonymous said...

If you want a Cooks there is a Vino venue in Georgetown plaza which is very good..

Hopefully Marlows will help drive the prices down at Bat & Ball

AJ said...

Re Bat & Ball:

You find it expensive? $10 for sandwiches that comes with soup, salad or fries? Appetizer specials - 3 full apps for $26? If you think Marlows is cheaper or will cause Bat & Ball to reduce prices, you're going to be disappointed. Food and service costs money. Restaurants like Bat & Ball are not raking in the dough by gouging customers with high prices. FYI: I am not associated with Bat & Ball at all :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was a regular at the Cooks Warehouse classes in Brookhaven. That's why I'd like to see them come back in a better way.

Thanks for the tip about Vino. We will definitely check it out!

Anonymous said...

From a foodie perspective bat and ball and its sisters and Marlows and its twins - all of the like are all very mediocre at best - the only thing that keeps all of these places packed is alcohol sales… People like their alcohol and they like different places to consume it.

Anonymous said...

This poster nailed it:
" the only thing that keeps all of these places packed is alcohol sales… People like their alcohol and they like different places to consume it."

Anonymous said...

My comment on B&B prices was specifically that its $6.25 for a pint of Stella when you can get it close by for $4.25 $4.75 etc. $6.25 with a tip is $7.50 in my book. Thats OTT for ITP Brookhaven.
The food is well priced though as you state.

Anonymous said...

Drove by the area today. I didn't see a 301 on any of the building numbers.

Wondering if they are building a freestanding restaurant on the opposite of Pure where mounds of dirts are currently located???

Can u find out?

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