Thursday, August 20, 2015

World of Whopper Heading to Walmart

Burger chain continues Walmart partnership

Miami, Florida-based Burger King and Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart are apparently partnering on at least three new restaurants within area Walmart stores.  

I first got wind of Burger King's partnership with Walmart last year when the two partnered on a location in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  The Orangeburg location opened in  late 2013 in a portion of the store's bakery area.   

In Georgia, Burger King plans to open new restaurants in three existing Walmart stores. The Walmart stores are located in Woodstock, College Park and Loganville.  

In Woodstock, Burger King will open in the Walmart at 12182 Highway 92 in a space once occupied by Blimpie.  

In College Park, Burger King will open in the Walmart at 6149 Old National Highway, also in a former Blimpie.  

In Loganville, Burger King will open in the Walmart at 4221 Atlanta Highway in a space previously home to McDonald's 

Each Burger King will be about 2,100 square feet. 

Walmart has previously partnered with McDonald's, Blimpie and Subway, among others, on restaurants in their stores. 

On Howell Mill Road, Subway occupies a space in the retailer's Supercenter. The Walmart at Perimeter Village in Dunwoody previously had a McDonald's within it but it closed when the store was renovated a few years ago.  A McDonald's remains open in Walmart's store in Warner Robins on Watson Boulevard.  

I contacted Bill Wertz, Director of Communications - East Public Affairs & Government Relations for Walmart, who said he knew little of the upcoming restaurants nor did he know of plans for any additional new or converted Burger King restaurants.  I contacted each individual location, and while they each seemed rather unsure, each seemed to say that they expect their respective Burger King restaurants to open by mid November.  

My attempts to contact Burger King's corporate office in Miami as well as their New York-based public relations firm were unsuccessful.  As far as corporate offices go, Burger King was among the least responsive and most difficult to communicate with.  

What are your thoughts on Burger King possibly coming to a Supercenter near you?  What fast food chain do think makes the most sense within a Walmart? In your opinion, who makes the best fast food burger?

Please share your thoughts below.  

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Anonymous said...

("Despite my feelings about Walmart as a company") I think it might be a good idea for Walmart to try more options for food within their stores. Just like with the McDonalds and Subways on site, if it works, good for them. If it doe not work, they will move to another idea for the spaces.

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