Friday, September 18, 2015

You are Guaranteed to Find a "High Class Hooker" at This New Buckhead Cocktail Club

The inside of Supply & Demand 
New cocktail club set to open tonight in Buckhead

Supply & Demand, a 1920s themed cocktail club, is scheduled to open tonight on Cains Hill Place in Buckhead. The new establishment has set up shop in the 1,500 square foot basement of Churchill's British Pub.  

Supply & Demand is being opened by Brandon Lewis of Buckhead's Midtown's Establishment bar.  Establishment closed on Peachtree Road earlier this summer, and will reopen at Colony Square in midtown next month.

Lewis provided me the following statement describing Supply & Demand:

 "From the group that delivered Establishment comes an exclusive enigmatic drinking experience dedicated offering the city's most rare alcohol tasting experiences."

Supply & Demand will feature limited food offerings such as a warm mini pretzel with aioli and maple glazed peanuts &  bacon. 

The cocktail menu sports some interesting concoctions and themed names. Among those I found most intriguing, from the name perspective alone, were the "Olde Money" / Old Fashioned - Choice of bourbon or rye, Angostura bitters, sugar cube and citrus,  the "Gordon Gecko" Rittenhouse Rye, Cynar, Amaro Maletti and Xocolatl Mole Bitters and the "High Class Hooker" - Montenegro, lime juice and ginger beer. 

Supply & Demand will operate independently of Churchill's, which according to its website has been in business since 1974.   Supply & Demand's ownership has invited an exclusive list of lucky individuals to become "members" of the business.  It's likely that some members will be added, but as of now, it is rather exclusive. Membership privileges will include complimentary valet parking and invitations to exclusive events and tastings, among others. 

Plans call for Supply & Demand to be open seven days a week, starting at 5PM on weekdays and 7PM on weekends. Supply & Demand will remain open daily until 2:30AM. 


Anonymous said...

What kind of weird title is that? Little presumptuous don't you think? "You are Guaranteed to Find a "High Class Hooker" at This New Buckhead Cocktail Club"

Atlantan99 said...


I don't know that presumptuous would be the right word, but it is definitely meant to be an "attention grabber." Supply & Demand serves a drink called "High Class Hooker" so I felt it was appropriate to use the name in quotes in the title. I'm sorry if you were offended or found the title off putting, that was not my intent.

Thanks for your comments and readership.

Anonymous said...

@Anon - you obviously did not read the article. Great job on the snap judgment though.

Anonymous said...

Darn!! I do not drink. But I don't let that stop me from enjoying a good meal. Was planning to visit. Disappointed to learn it's just a name for a cocktail. Sigh.

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