Sunday, September 27, 2015

Taka Sushi to Say Sayonara in 16: Redevelopment to Blame?

Chef Taka Moriuchi of Taka restaurant 
Popular Buckhead sushi restaurant to close

Taka Sushi, located on Pharr Road in Buckhead, announced yesterday via facebook that it will close in February 2016.  Opened by Japan native Taka Moriuchi in 2002, Taka offers authentic Japanese fare in a casual setting. Unlike more recent Buckhead additions like Tomo and Umi, and to a lesser extent MF Sushi, (which closed in 2012) , Taka features great food without the upscale finishes present at the newer eateries.  

Morichi hinted at his property possibly being part of a larger redevelopment of the area.   He also indicated that he is not ready to retire and that he is looking for a new location, saying  "It is still too early to retire and want to stay a couple of years more here in Atlanta.  Looking for a new location but not easy right now."

The full announcement: 

"Say good by to Atlanta? our evacuation date is at the end of February 2016.  It is all about development. Old buildings are going to demolish and new buildings are built. I opened Taka Sushi in 2002. And I will close the door in 2014 2016. I think I do a good job here in Atlanta. I had no skill of making sushi and Japanese food in Japan. Maybe I was a just lucky guy. I met Soto Kosugi in 1995. We never expected he became famous chef. And I met Pano in 1999. I feel meeting people is very important. I never imagined opening my own restaurant but I made it. I worked hard daily. And I made some money for the future. It's tiny American dream but I achieved. So, it's not bad over all.  It is still too early to retire and want to stay a couple of years more here in Atlanta.  Looking for a new location but not easy right now. Many developments but not much spaces because of good economy. I feel it is just like 2006 situation and over supply of housing market. But this is a big stream and cannot so anything. We will see it. I am driving later to find vacant spaces. Thanks."

I, for one, will miss Taka and its charm, and am sad to see yet another local business close.  

Where is your favorite place for sushi in Buckhead?  What do you think will replace Taka in Buckhead?  Are you, like me, worried about the seemingly endless apartment developments planned for Buckhead, and the greater metro area?  

Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

This is sad news indeed, their sushi is the best!! My hairdresser just vacated that weird little 2 story development right next to Taka because they were told the building was going to be torn down for either condos or apartments, so this does not surprise me...

Anonymous said...

@Unknown, what is going on Collier & Defoors? I live in the area and have been watching the construction. Curious of what's to become of DePalma's original location and the vacant Pizza Hut. I'd appreciate any info, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The complex next to Taka, at 375 Pharr, is also being torn down. It's home to dozens of hair salons, including the one I patronize. They were all notified on September 16 that they had to vacate by March 16. The scramble is on for all those salons to find new homes!

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