Monday, February 8, 2016

Cafe Jonah "Now Closed"... Will Reopen For Final Brunch This Sunday

Cafe Jonah calls its quits ahead of planned closure.

Cafe Jonah, the popular breakfast, lunch and brunch eatery owner Jenny Levison opened in 2011, is closed.  I was first to break news of the planned closure this past December, at which time Levison indicated she planned to close the restaurant at the end of February.  For reasons not made any clearer in her announcment earlier today, Levison says she decided to close the restaurant "effective immediately."

Many patrons will wish they were able to visit the restaurant one last time before its closure, and they may be in luck!     

According to the announcement, the restaurant will reopen this coming Sunday, February 14th for one last brunch from 9am-3pm. For the day, the restaurant will also celebrate their original vision and bring back their "Pay What You Want" concept. 

Please see the full announcement below:

Dear Wonderful, loyal guests, 

After much reflection, I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to close Cafe Jonah earlier than  previously planned. I know you are aware that our property has been purchased and being developed into a high-rise and our original closing was February 28th. (can I just say, I wish I owned the property because I would now be a billionaire!!!)  

We will now be closed effective immediately except for our last Brunch this Sunday from 9-3. We will also celebrate our original vision for the day and go back to our "Pay What You Want" concept for our final day.    

Please do not worry about my incredible, hard working staff. Sue and Sheila will be taking a much deserved paid three week break and all of our staff will be cared for.  

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve all of you and to be part of this thoughtful and supportive community. 

We hope to see you Sunday!  

Love, Jenny

Will you miss Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic? Are you as fed up as I am with the seemingly endless additional residential development in the Buckhead Village and surrounding areas?  Where would you like to see Cafe Jonah reopen?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the developments in the Buckhead Village. The small places that gave the village any character that make it worth living or visiting are being crushed. This is how a new downtown desert develops. Even when any of these developments bothers to include any public component, the land and development costs make the rents so high that good and services have to be priced unsustainably high. How long will the Shops at Buckhead survive? WIll patrons park in a garage and hike into a separated building for Souper Jenny? Will enough people visit Henris as a retail counter? Slowly the grocery stores, gas stations, and non-chain food and retail establishments will be closed.

Anonymous said...

I think they should just bring back LuLu's Bait Shack, Metropolitan Pizza, Raccoon Lodge and Bar and call it a day.

Niveen said...

Would love to see it reopen in East Atlanta Village!

Anonymous said...

As a small business owner in the immediate area, I am worried. Three businesses closed this month alone. Where will all the small businesses go? Anything affordable is being gobbled up by high rise multi-use complexes. The 20 story building at Irby & Roswell, the new apartments at Henri's, the high rise at Cafe Jonah, the massive complex on Buckhead Ave and E Paces, the apartments replacing Pharr Plaza, the proposed complex at Pharr and N Fulton. Too much construction, rent skyrocketing. All the charm that was Buckhead will now be all the glass towers that are Buckhead. Hopefully, it won't become all chains to boot!

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