Friday, April 22, 2016

Alfredo's Saying Ciao For Now Next Week

Alfredo's to close next week.

Alfredo's Italian Restaurant, which has been serving classic Italian fare to intown Atlantans since 1974, will close its popular Cheshire Bridge Road restaurant next week. When I first broke news late last year that the property on which Aldredo's is located had been sold, restaurant ownership indicated they were closing "early next year," but that they "wanted to relocate."  

On April 2nd the restaurant posted the following statement to their facebook page;

"Hello Everyone, It's with deep sorrow that we are announcing that we will be closing sometime at the end of April. We do not have an exact date at the moment. We do not have a new location yet, but we are currently vetting different prospects. Please keep following us here on Facebook for the latest information. Thank you Atlanta for over 40 years of support at our current location."

New information confirms the restaurant will cease operations in its current location as of Monday, April 25th. There is reportedly slim availability of reservations, but smaller parties are possible, so one should call now to try to book something.

While a closing date has been finalized, restaurant ownership is still looking for a new location.

Where would you like to see Alfredo's relocate?  Should Alfredo's relocate, or will the charm of the restaurant be lost in the move?  With an Advance Auto Parts and hundreds of apartments coming to Cheshire Bridge and By Design closing after 26 years in business, what are your thoughts on the current status of the corridor?

Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing is a tragedy. Cheshire Bridge was a unique, quirky area, but it's all being lost. As a child I used to go to the old Franco's. My wife and I love brunch on the patio at Roxx, and Alfredo's is our favorite Italian in town.

I can see Alfredo's in Decatur (not much in the way of Italian fare there), or Tucker or Oak Grove. I hope they don't end up on the west side, but if they do, we'll be there.

ImAndy said...

Both this and Red Snapper have been on my bucket list for almost a decade and never ate there. I decided to try it out a few weeks ago on a week night. No reservation needed and I thought it was terrible. 4 people in my party and nobody liked any of the food but it was a different experience and nice people. When they lose this quirky location they'll need to do much better with food or they wont last long.

Seriously though the calamari was the worse monstrosity i've ever put in my mouth. It was like some Sams Club stuff or something, and the alfredo sauce was sticky and salty. I have no idea what was in it to make it sticky.

Anonymous said...

Stopped by Friday evening to enjoy this great place one last time and was told nothing available without a reservation. This was at 6:05 pm and their first reservations coming in were at 7pm....literally 10-15 tables sitting empty. We could have eaten and been out by 7pm easily. Guess they don't need the money after all.

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