Friday, April 22, 2016

iFLY to Take Flight This Fall Near Cumberland Mall

Indoor skydiving coming to Smyrna.

Austin, Texas-based iFLY Indoor Skydiving is coming to Cobb Parkway near the new Atlanta Braves stadium at SunTrust Park.  The new facility will be built on a nearly one acre parcel at 2778 Cobb Parkway, just north of Cumberland Mall.  The single story building that was torn down for the new development previously housed both LensCrafters (Pearle Vision, first) and Casual Male XL.  Most recently, the property served as temporary hiring offices for the T.Mac at Parkway Pointe.  

Well placed sources indicate that the new iFLY, the first in Georgia, is on track to open in late October or early November.  

The facility itself will be about 5,000 square foot with a 58' tall iFLY Indoor Skydiving silo of sorts, that enables the skydiving experience.  

"iFLY (formerly SkyVenture) has been the innovation leader in indoor skydiving since opening its first facility in Orlando in 1998. It has created technologies which enable a nearly 50 foot high flight chamber which creates a cushion of air that is enclosed, recirculating and air conditioned. It is not possible to fall off the cushion of air, making this experience safe for kids as young as three and adults of any age."

iFLY submitted plans last year for a similar facility in Alpharetta but was denied by Alpharetta City Council. By a vote of 6-1, the council voted down the proposal, citing among other things, their belief that the parcel, a former Champps Americana restaurant, "is a viable location for a restaurant." 

Although I can find no definitive confirmation, I believe that iFLY is still keen on the Alpharetta market and may very well be in talks for another site.  

Today the company operates nearly 30 locations, largely domestically, but with a few internationally.  

Pricing seems to vary considerably by location with the basic "Earn Your Wings" (great for first-time flyers) ranging from about $55 to $80.  This package includes two "flights" lasting one minute each, for one person.  Additional packages include "flights" for additional people as well as video of your flight.  

When it opens, iFLY will join a growing list of area entertainment options including Main Event Entertainment, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games and AMF Marietta Lanes.  There are also reportedly a number of new entertainment options coming to The Battery Atlanta at SunTrust Park.  

Are you excited that such a unique entertainment facility is coming to Atlanta?  Have you experienced iFLY elsewhere, if so, what were your thoughts?  Where else would you like to see iFLY open in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Aren't they back to Taco Mac now? Seems they have shed the T.Mac branding.

Anonymous said...

They will get business from people that are bored out of their mind after having sat on Cobb Parkway for 4 hours without moving. Traffic hasn't moved an inch in an hour...might as well go kill some time "skydiving".

Coolio said...

I hope they are back to Taco Mac now. Everyone can't be cool and hip by shortening their name to initials and such. Maybe KFC should go back to their original name, since their chicken isn't selling.

Greenwave said...

I would try this at least once. Nothing like it in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I've been to the IFly near Kansas City and I can tell you that this is a fun place for families to go to. I think Atlantans will enjoy this place.

kcuhC said...

Sounds very cool! But the pricing is such it is unlikely I will ever see the inside.

Sadlebred said...

The Taco Mac/T Mac on Cobb Parkway is still branded T Mac as of last week.

Anonymous said...

I've been very surprised that Atlanta hasn't had more of these types of activities. When I moved here not very long ago there wasn't Top Golf, SkyZone, Painted Pin, or this. All of those places or variations of them existed in most other cities I lived in or had spent time in, including cities much smaller than Atlanta.

Good to see this coming even if it is to Cobb

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? "Earn Your Wings" ranging from about $55 to $80. This package includes two "flights" lasting one minute each, for one person. Really!! People have this kind of disposable income these days! I really did pick the wrong profession!

Unknown said...

Seems expensive but to me one should understand when they step into the airflow for one minute or more every aspect of the facility that iFLY pays for (e.g. electricity, staff pay, maintenance etc., etc.) is operating just for them and nobody else. It also costs around $10,000,000 to build the place. I am hooked on flying in wind tunnels but have no financial relationship with them at all - just love to fly and believe everyone should try it at least once - there is nothing else like it in life.

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