Friday, April 29, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Kaleidoscope Team Confirms Plans to Bring Jefe's to TOWN Brookhaven

New restaurant officially  coming to TOWN Brookhaven.

While rumors and unsubstantiated claims proliferated the internet last month, I'm happy to confirm that Jefe's Tacos & Tequila is officially coming to Brookhaven.  The team behind Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub plans to open  the new Mexican restaurant later fall in place of Noche Tequila & Tapas Bar in TOWN Brookhaven.   

Co-owner Doug Gross confirmed exclusively to ToNeTo Atlanta that the executed lease was signed earlier today.

"A few months ago we announced on our Kaleidoscope Facebook page that we were planning to open a new restaurant in Brookhaven. At the time, we really couldn't go into too many specifics.  Now we are excited to announce that the new concept, Jefe's Tacos & Tequila, will be opening this fall in Town Brookhaven."

Gross provided ToNeTo Atlanta with the following statement regarding the menu at Jefe's: 

"Jefe's menu will feature authentic Mexican cuisine at affordable prices. Recently, we've taken the opportunity to use Kaleidoscope as our test kitchen, offering various taco specials to get feedback from our guests. My personal favorites are the slow smoked tri tip fajita steak tacos with peppers, onions, queso cotija, and orange salsa. You can definitely expect to see more taco specials in the coming months."
A new Jefe's facebook page will soon be set-up to give residents a way to track progress and be made aware of opening events.   

The 4,100 square foot space in TOWN Brookhaven has been vacant since Noche's  abrupt closure this past fall.

While the restaurant is already built-out, Jefe's ownership does plan to significantly renovate the space to create a space that won't simply be known as "the old Noche."   Gross said he hopes to have Jefe's open in September.  

Kaleidoscope, which opened on Dresden Drive in Brookhaven in late 2010 and expanded into the former Yoforia space last year, is one of the most popular Brookhaven restaurants.  The expansion into TOWN Brookhaven is great to see for the locally owned eatery.  No word on whether Noche's popular "Two dollar taco night" will be brought back, but I doubt it.  

As Gross mentioned in his statement, an assortment of potential Jefe's menu items are being tested at Kaleidoscope.  In addition, this weekend Jefe's will be at the Atlanta Taco Festival showcasing other menu items.  

There are a number of restaurant spaces still empty in TOWN Brookhaven including the former Treza, Boneheads, Shucks and Smash Kitchen & Bar, but I'm old there are multiple parties interested in leasing them.  

Yesterday it was revealed that Chef Joey Riley of Kaleidoscope  has an LOI (Letter of Intent) on a new restaurant, in a proposed mixed use development, also in Brookhaven.  The "steakhouse concept" would be located within the street level of "Solis Dresden," a planned 121-unit apartment development on Dresden Drive, across from Kaleidoscope.  Over 100 residents were in attendance at a neighborhood meeting yesterday, led by developer Terwilliger Pappas, most of whom spoke out vocally against the development.  Great coverage on this meeting and the proposed development can be found in a great post by my friends at  The Brookhaven Post

Gross said of the would-be steakhouse, "It's a ways off and our main focus is going to be on Jefe's for now." 

Are you excited for a similar concept to be opening in the former Noche space?  Are you a fan of Kaleidoscope?  If you've tried some of the test menu item at Kaleidoscope, what have been your favorites? 

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. This is good news. K-Pub is well run. They should do very well "there " ( no pun intended ) Lots of opportunity at Town Brookhaven. With all the empty spaces, Blind Dog has been cleaning up with all the day and evening drinkers in the area.

Anonymous said...

"Over 100 residents were in attendance at a neighborhood meeting yesterday, led by developer Terwilliger Pappas, most of whom spoke out vocally against the development."

well of course they did. They probably also complain a lot about not having any good restaurants nearby!

Anonymous said...

Brookhaven = mediocrity

Anonymous said...

Awesome, we dont have enough mexican places..

What happened to the Valenza guy developing the gas station on the Chamblee/Brookhaven border on Peachtree, just north up the street from Town?

Anonymous said...

Sadly the folks who moved in to the new 700,000+ homes that drove out the previous inhabitants now want to pull the drawbridge up. The proposals are reasonable especially with a MARTA rail station there but there are some racists who don't like the type of people MARTA brings, some elitists who don't like apartments or the people they bring and a bunch of folks better suited for Hall County who are raising a stink. Unfortunately its these loony loos who have the time to attend meetings but not the time to learn the truth.

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