Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cook Out Coming to South Cobb Drive

Typical Cook Out exterior 
Growing burger chain lands another location. 

North Carolina-based Cook Out, which specializes in "Char-Grilled" hamburgers" and features over 40 different flavors of milkshakes, is coming to South Cobb Drive in Marietta.  Cook Out is also famous for its $4.99 combo meal which includes a sandwich, two sides and a drink. (The combo can be upgraded for a dollar to include a milkshake instead of a drink.)  

The "new" restaurant will open in place of a former Krystal restaurant near the intersection of South Cobb Drive and Pat Mell Road. The roughly 2,800 square foot freestanding restaurant will be renovated to suit Cook Out's needs.  

Cook Out is no stranger to renovating restaurants, especially around Georgia.  Since entering the Georgia market via a former Bojangles' in Statesboro in 2013, the burger chain has grown to nearly 30 locations, many in converted restaurants. 

In Atlanta, Morrow, Rome, Lithonia and Gainesville, Cook Out opened in former Mrs.Winner's locations. On Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta, Cook Out occupies the former Zesto.  In Warner Robins, Cook Out opened in a former Checkers which was originally a Hardees.  In Tucker, Cook Out also opened in a restaurant building originally built as a Hardees.  In both Marietta and Augusta, Cook Out opened in former KFC restaurants, while in Savannah, they occupy a former Wendy's.

In addition to the South Cobb Drive location, Cook Out has locations coming soon to Scenic Highway in Snellville and Glenwood Avenue in Dalton.  The Scenic Highway restaurant is being built in place of a former bank and will share the parcel with a new Taco Bell.  The Dalton restaurant is being built in place of a former Shoney's restaurant.  

Are you excited for the upcoming Cook Out on South Cobb Drive? Where would you like to see Cook Out open next?  Do you Cook Out has the best combo meal in town?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts I was a little disappointed in Cook Out Burger after all the hype. However, when it comes to basic fast-food burgers they are much better than McDonalds or Burger king. Their Trays are a pretty good deal and I like the fact that they are open until something like 3:00am if you need that late night fix. However, again, the quality of the burgers is ok, but many of the sides taste like they’re straight from the frozen foods department at Publix.

Anonymous said...

I've vever tried the burgers. I always get the hush puppies and the plain old BBQ sandwiches (but hold the coleslaw). And occasionally a shake.

VB said...

Nice! I'm in Smyrna and was just saying the other day I'd like to try Cook Out after a friend recommended it. Do you have any idea when this one is estimated to open?

Anonymous said...

Just another hamburger joint to fill up Hugh Howell Road in Tucker. Another hamburger joint that serves almost the same burgers as Burger King, Johnny Rockets, Five Guys, or even Waffle House.

These burgers are nothing special except that they are the size of a hockey puck (which makes them a little bigger than a Krystal) and the same garnishes that everyone has. Cook Out offers a "special deal" which includes pelletized lumps of fried potatoes and another side item for about five bucks.

These burgers aren't tasteless as they have a flavor which resembles
a hamburger. Once one puts all of that garden and other flavorings on top, it is same as those mentioned about.

Anyway one puts, its a cheap lunch !!

Anonymous said...

Love Cook Out! I use to live in Charlotte and have good memories. Open in East Cobb please! ... If not, Burger King please step in. The old McDonald's near the Big Chicken is vacant and no waiting.

Anonymous said...

Cookout is not the same in taste or quailty since they expanded out of North Carolina so for those that never knew how good the original beginnings were it will fill any voids in the market nicely. Understandable why those of us that knew where they once were in the burger and shake craze are not overly excited, while all others are anticipating something new and different. Definitely all these burger chains entering the market at the same time will go the same direction down as frozen yogurt and cupcakes, as the obesity rates continue to rise across in this country.

Anonymous said...

Cookout is gross. They are expensive for a frozen, mushed, gooey, nasty burger. I'd rather eat McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

Its fast food people. Some of these posts make me believe they we looking for Ruth's Chris burger (not sure if that exists).... CookOut jams.

Anonymous said...

I was sad to see a for sale sigh on this location again , I was hoping this nice restaurant was going to open here on South Cobb drive , I guess they changed their minds, I am sad to say ~

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