Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Iron Age Bringing DIY BBQ to Sandy Springs

Iron Age Korean Steak House has secured a lease at The Prado in Sandy Springs.  The restaurant will open in the approximately 8,100 square foot former Kobe Steaks space.  Kobe Steaks closed at The Prado in 2014 after nearly 40 years in business.  
Like other Korean BBQ eateries, Iron Age is a DIY, AYCE restaurant.  For those unfamiliar, most Korean BBQ restaurants provide grills at each seating area for customers to cook their own food (DIY) in an all you can eat (AYCE) format. 

Korean BBQ eateries are growing in popularity given they offer "experiential" dining, something that traditional restaurants are unable to do.  

Iron Age opened their original Atlanta area location on Pleasant Hill Road at Mall Corners shopping center in Duluth in late 2009, and also operates locations in Centreville, Virginia and Rockville, Maryland. Earlier this summer, Iron Age opened a second Atlanta area location off Ernest Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw. 
While Duluth has an abundance of Korean barbecue eateries, other parts of town have been without such an offering.  The new Iron Age at The Prado in Sandy Springs will bring the cuisine to an untapped market just inside the perimeter.  

A similar concept, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, is opening at Atlantic Station.  The restaurant, part of a global chain, is replacing Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro, an original Atlantic Station tenant, and plans to open late this fall. 

Iron Age is expected to open in about six months. 

What is your favorite Korean or Japanese BBQ restaurant in Atlanta? Where would you like to see a Korean BBQ eatery open next?  What is your favorite restaurant in Sandy Springs?

Please share your thoughts below


Anonymous said...

Loved Gyu Kaku (literally "cow/beef corner") in LA. Hope it does well in Atlantic Station.

Super psyched about Iron Age coming to the Prado! Sandy Springs first Korean restaurant?

Miguelito B said...

Yep. It's the 1st K-BBQ here in Da Springs. Finally! Now I can quit driving out to Duluth to get my fix.

Anonymous said...

Hae Woon Dae in Doraville has been around a very long time. Some like it,
some don't, as with all restaurants. But, it was the first Korean BBQ that I
know of, and still there.

Anonymous said...

Super excited about Iron Age coming to the Prado. It is definitely a much needed restaurant in Sandy Springs!

Indi said...

AWESOME!!!!! A ITP Iron Age. No more traveling to Duluth.

saneman said...

I miss Joli Kobe which was the sister restaurant of Kobe Steaks. It was ahead of its time in that spot before richer housing came into the area . With all the new condos, a place like Joli Kobe could have done better.

saneman said...

The problem with Prado is they don't get enough office traffic from the Perimeter area. Most people in those offices head to the Dunwoody side. They really need to make Hammond two lanes.

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