Wednesday, August 23, 2017

M572 Surrenders, Will Close This Weekend

Tucker's M572 announced earlier this afternoon that they will be closing this weekend after two years in business.  The restaurant, located on Main Street in downtown Tucker, opened in 2015 and was helmed by executive chef Jon Allen, a native of Lilburn and current resident of nearby Smoke Rise.  M572 was owned by the same group that ran neighboring eatery The Local No. 7.  

The restaurant posted the following message to their Facebook page.  

"All of us, at M572, are sad to announce that we will be closing our doors after Sunday Brunch this weekend. It has been an amazing 2 years and we greatly appreciate each and every one of you. Seeing the growth and comradery of the community gives us excitement for the future of Tucker. It’s never easy to do something new, but we tried our best and we are truly saddened to say goodbye. As members of this community, we feel that it is important to share this news prior to closing our doors, giving you all an opportunity to stop in for dinner this week and enjoy one of your favorite meals.  

A special thank you goes out to Chef Jon Allen, without him none of this would have been possible. He has continued to impress over the past 2 years and we look forward to working with him in the future.

THANK YOU TUCKER for allowing us to do our thing at M572!"

When M572 opened, they replaced a short-lived bakery, Sweet Dee's Bakeshop.  In the years since, little has changed on Main Street until recently.  Matthews Cafeteria renovated a few months ago, and around the same time, Magnolia Room Cafeteria opened on Hugh Howell, not far away.  More recently, Dunwoody's Village Burger announced it will open what will be its third area location on Main Street.  The restaurant, which will open in place of The Tucker Fountain on Main Street, is currently expected to open in mid-October. 

Are you surprised that M572 is closing?  What would you like to see open in place of M572?  What is your favorite Tucker area restaurant?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

I am a little surprised, but also have to admit I never ate there. When I have driven down main street in the evenings it seemed fairly lively, but maybe those folks were visiting another restaurant. I realize that sometimes the margins are pretty slim in the restaurant business, so even if they were busy they may not have been profitable.

It does seem like a decent location, but there is a fairly good bit of competition especially at the lower end cost wise. I also suppose one has to wonder if the demand is really there for a slightly higher end restaurant.

I also wonder with The Rise development coming on-line in a couple of years how this might impact development/investment on main street.

Anonymous said...

Not at all surprised. The prices were high and the quality was too low to sustain them. I asked for bread service once and was charged $3 for a couple of stale slices of white bread.

Tucker needs a fine restaurant downtown. This wasn't it.

Incidentally, Sweet Dee's stuff was very good, but she shut down to pursue other opportunities.

RichKnobSales said...

No surprise for me. Their service was horrid, so bad I didn't post about it on the local web pages.

We had reservations and we were treated worse than walkins. We were sent to the bar, and our drinks were not coming for 30 minutes. Owner's kid was charmingly introduced and she picked and ate her boogers for us.

Owner's friends were having a great party at the back. We were told our servers were behind because they were so busy.

After waiting at the bar we were shown to the worst table in the place. There were others and we got one.

Food was OK but service SUCKED in a font bigger than you have available. We mentioned these things to the chef's wife, Mom to the booger eater and she just blew us off.

We never went back.

This is why Mexico City Gourmet went out of business after decades of popularity.

You cannot treat your customers like they don't matter. We will not only NOT come back, we will tell all of our friends how horrible our experience was, and they will not come at all

Great food does not compensate for horrid service.

Michael said...

Hey Rich. Clearly you haven't been in a while and have been holding a grudge for quite some time as the manager in question hasn't worked there in over a year. Many things have changed since then, but you without having ever expressed yourself, there was no way to rectify the situation. While I personally am sorry you had a bad experience dinning out, I hope with our hardship you can let go of the past and find peace.

Anonymous said...

We went there many times in spite of my husband's resistance to support the local establishment. But if the chef was not cooking, the food was not good. And no one, I mean no one seemed to care. It happened a couple of times, and I stopped inviting people to come b/c it was embarrassing to have someone leave Perimeter area and join me in Tucker for a less than stellar meal.

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