Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cook Out Can't Get Enough of Cobb County

Cobb County may be getting yet another Cook Out.  The Thomasville, North Carolina-based fast food chain has submitted plans to Cobb County to build a new restaurant on South Cobb Drive, just off I-285, in Smyrna.  The new restaurant would occupy a roughly one acre parcel and would replace an existing Shell gas station and convenience store at 5121 South Cobb Drive.
Typical Cook Out exterior 

Cook Out specializes in '"Char-Grilled" hamburgers"' and is known for their $4.99 combo meal which includes a sandwich, two sides and a drink. 

According to zoning documents supplied to the county by Cook Out, the new restaurant would be about 2,700 square feet and would be built parallel with South Cobb Drive.

The property's zoning request is due to be heard before the Cobb County Planning Commission on September 5 and before the Board of Commissioners on September 19.  In addition to the planned Cook Out, the proposed development includes the construction of a roughly 1,400 square foot "retail" building at 2198 Church Road, on roughly a third of an acre around the corner from the proposed restaurant. Apparently the parcels share a single owner which is why they are being proposed simultaneously.  The combined property is currently zoned CRC (Community Retail Commercial) with stipulations.  It is that same zoning that Cook Out and the retail building seek, but must still go through the process since they represent new uses for the property.  (2198 Church Road is currently vacant land) 

The new Cook Out would be located across the street from Chick-fil-A and next to Taco Bell, which will soon begin an extensive renovation.  The retail building would be located behind a nearby IHOP restaurant.  

On the Chick-fil-A side of the road, Church Road continues as Kenwood Road.  At the corner of Kenwood Road and South Cobb Drive, a vacant Wendy's was recently demolished and is being rebuilt with plans to reopen in mid-to-late October.  

ToNeTo Atlanta previously reported that Cook Out planned to open a new restaurant in place of an old Krystal about six miles away at 2085 South Cobb Drive, but those plans have failed to materialize. 

Since entering the Georgia market via a former Bojangles' in Statesboro in 2013, the burger chain has grown to include 32 locations, with four more in Hinesville, Cordele, LaGrange and Americus  "coming soon."  

If the newly proposed South Cobb Drive Cook Out comes to fruition, it would be the fourth Cook Out in Cobb County, joining existing locations in Marietta near the Big Chicken, Marietta on Austell Road, and in Kennesaw on Chastain Road. 

Are you excited for the upcoming Cook Out on South Cobb Drive? Where would you like to see Cook Out open next?  Do you Cook Out has the best combo meal in town?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Hate cookout. They are gross and we don't needs another one. Gives us something that atleast tastes good.

Anonymous said...

This would be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Cook out is expensive for what they serve. Would much rather see a place that serves quality food. I've tried them and the employees were nasty. Felt yucky after eating their food. The other fast food chains like Hardee's, McDonald's and Wendy's do a better job for a better price.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people think Cookout is nasty/gross. I loved them when I lived in Charlotte and was happy when they opened in East Cobb near the Big Chicken. For $5, you get a fresh cooked hamburger (or any other sandwich) prepared your way, TWO sides (hushpuppies, freshly made cole slaw, corn dog, quesadillas, fries ...etc) and a drink. I usually double the fries and they look to be fresh cut fries. If I had to complain it would be that the fries are sometimes soggy (but so are McDonald's). All this food for $5. When I was in college that was a great value. I still enjoy them today. They also have a huge variety of shakes. Yum!

But I understand that everyone has different taste buds. Glad other people like them as well because they continue to grow. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I am a native of NC and agree that Cookout is NOT what it used to be. Would not go so far to label it gross or nasty but my palate has changed over the years. I have tried them once in the past few years and will NOT go back. Cookout should do well though. The unfortunate reality is that the people that frequent these cheap and fast food chains are the very ones that are at highest risk for obesity and a host of other health problems. Enjoy and just pop pills for your preexisting condition!

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