Friday, October 20, 2017

Ill-Fated Mason Tavern Finally Closes Near Emory University

Mason Tavern, which opened in a seemingly cursed restaurant space on Clairmont Road near North Decatur Road in 2015, has closed.  The closure, which was first reported by Decaturish, reportedly happened quietly earlier this week. The restaurant's website and facebook have both been deleted, and its phone has been disconnected. 
The restaurant's concept and menu were created by Concentrics Restaurants, the Atlanta based firm behind such popular restaurants as ONE Midtown Kitchen and TWO Urban Licks.  Concentrics was initially managing the restaurant, but was soon replaced by a team installed by the inexperienced owners who had financed the eatery.  

I visited the restaurant on my birthday in 2015 and was subsequently sidelined for two full days with a bout of food poisoning I wouldn't wish on anyone.  When I called them, the restaurant management refused to hear my concerns, and they did not seem to care what I ordered/consumed to prevent others from becoming ill  (others did become ill)  

Yelp user Amanda S said in her April 23, 2017 review - ..."I'll be shocked if this place is still around by the end of the summer."

Stephen B. said in his July 15, 2017 review on Yelp ..."Slow service  Cold, subpar food  Rude, presumptuous, ignorant staff." 

I know there are many concerns when opening and operating a restaurant, and although I have never owned or operated one myself, nor would I wish a closure on anyone, the lack of a concerned or professional manner led me to believe the restaurant was on borrowed time since my experience.  

The fact that the restaurant's closure was seemingly sudden and the notice to would-be customers is a poorly written four word statement, is an indication of the level of professionalism at the eatery.   
Mason Tavern now joins the list of former restaurants that have occupied the Emory area restaurant space including an Ethiopian bar/lounge/restaurant called Moya, which lasted the longest of the recent concepts a few years ago.  Subsequent concepts in the restaurant space have included Selam, Nest and Scoreboards.  

There is no word on what, if any, restaurant may replace Mason Tavern.  

Are you surprised that Mason Tavern closed?  Why do you think so many restaurants have come and gone from the Mason Tavern space?  What would you like to see open in place of the former Mason Tavern?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting me to not go to Community Q in that strip. I need to try Janet's, which I feel like if I'm in the mood for the Q that I'd also try Janet's. I just never ended up over there and was in the mood for Mason Tavern. I think whatever replaces Mason Tavern can't try the same strategy.

Unknown said...

This location is cursed. I've been to Mason about six times and it was always busy, especially on the patio during nice weather. This concept could have worked at this location if it was run better. There aren't a ton of adult bars in the immediate vicinity for those who don't want to deal with downtown Decatur or Emory. They especially had an opportunity to absorb Famous Pub's business and failed.

Anonymous said...

I worked at this restaurant for about 6 months. We had rats and roaches in the kitchen. Poor management. Employees stole food everyday I knew this place was destined to fail.

fbenario said...

We went soon after they opened and really enjoyed the food, especially the dutch baby pancake. Next time we went all of the items we liked had been removed from the menu. Never went back.

Anonymous said...

Villagio Italian restaurant on the other end of the shopping center also closed its doors. They should had re-branded when it bought-out prior owners. It took a while to visit after its new management due to the bad experience from prior ownership.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Candlelight cafeteria.

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