Wednesday, January 3, 2018

[CLOSURE ALERT] Union Hill Kitchen Shutters in Chamblee

Union Hill Kitchen has closed.  The restaurant, opened by Executive Chef Alexis Hernandez in late 2013, closed as of December 22 according to a notice on the restaurant's website.  The restaurant's facebook page, last updated December 14, makes no mention of the closure.
Chef Alexis Hernandez, photo courtesy Union Hill Kitchen 
The notice from the website reads: 
"Union Hill Kitchen will close our doors permanently on Friday December 22, 2017.   It has been a fantastic 5 years serving all of our guests.  Thank you for the  years of business, support and many many cherished friendships."

Union Hill Kitchen was located at 5336 Peachtree Road, at its intersection with Pierce Drive.  In the years since Union Hill Kitchen opened, Southbound, also on Peachtree Road, opened during spring 2014, while Hopstix on Pierce Drive and Bluetop on Peachtree Road both opened last year.  

Hopstix has become quite popular since its early 2017 debut with BlueTop also attracting families since its summer 2017 debut.  Both additions no doubt ate into the business of Union Hill.  

Futher away, the Parkview on Peachtree project, which will welcome Bad Daddy's Burger Bar next week and Poke Bar and others later in the year, along with the plethora of options at Peachtree Station, are providing Chamblee and the surrounding area with plenty of new eateries.  

There is no word yet on what, if anything, is lined up to replace Union Hill.  

Are you surprised that Union Hill Kitchen closed?  What type of restaurant would you like to see open next in Chamblee?  What is your favorite Chamblee area restaurant?

Please share your thoughts below 


Anonymous said...

Parking issues too

Joseph G said...

Union Hill announced they were closing in their facebook post from December 6.

Anonymous said...

good location but poor parking, some odd opening times and mediocre service and food didn't help.
wish the chef luck but needs new blood.
Chamblee is hopping right now so someone should be able to make a good go of it.

Anonymous said...

wife and I went to hopstix maybe 2 months or so ago. I think there is ample parking in the area, but UH was at a much higher price point and there were very few people in UH. Hopstix was doing a pretty good business.

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