Tuesday, March 13, 2018

1000 Degrees Pizza and Golden Krust to Open at Marietta Trade Center

A number of new eateries are coming to Marietta Trade Center in Marietta.  A property flyer for the Walmart Supercenter anchored shopping center indicates that 1000 Degrees Pizza, Golden Krust and Moe's Southwest Grill are all "coming soon."  Fellow quick serve eateries Jimmy Johns and American Deli are already open in the center, while Chick-fil-A operates a freestanding drive-thru adjacent to the center, and a former Pollo Tropical drive-thru sits idle since its December 2017 closure

New-to-market quick-serve pizza operator 1000 Degrees Pizza will open its first Atlanta area location in the center later this year.  1000 Degrees, which prides itself on offering an authentic Neapolitan pizza, offers both pre-designed and "create your own pizza" options in 10 and 14 inch sizes.  In addition to pizza, 1000 Degrees offers assorted wings and salads.   The pizza franchise was started by serial entrepreneur Brian Petruzzi in 2014 and is based in Galloway, NJ.  Petruzzi previously started Yogo Factory, a frozen yogurt franchise, among other businesses. 

Petruzzi's LinkedIn describes him as a "global pizza chain owner," despite there being 1000 Degrees restaurants in only eighteen states, many of which have single units.  Additionally, there are only 34 locations open overall, with another 15 or so coming soon.  There have also been at least thirteen 1000 Degrees closures, including locations in Delray Beach, FL, Foxwoods, CT, Blacksburg, VA, Gilbert, AZ, Austin, TX, Somerdale, Linden, Cherry Hill & Marlton, NJ, Plymouth, Allen Park & Livonia, MI and Grand Forks, ND. 
An existing 1000 Degrees Pizza 

Despite all this, 1000 Degrees proudly proclaims on its website "We’re On Fire! 100’s of New 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza Franchises are Opening Nationwide!"

While 1000 Degrees seems to be performing better than Atlanta-based Uncle Maddio's (now with 30 locations open and 31 closed), such hyperbole and closures does make one question their long-term prospects.  

The Marietta location of 1000 Degrees will open in a 2,500 square foot space in the 280 Cobb Parkway outparcel of the center, along Cobb Parkway, between Chick-fil-A and the former Pollo Tropical. 

Entrepreneur Harrell Caines signed a reported 24 unit franchise agreement to bring 1000 Degrees to both Georgia and South Carolina with the Marietta location expected to be his first to open.  

1000 Degrees will be joined in the 270 Cobb out-parcel by a new Moe's Southwest Grill.  Moe's, part of Atlanta-based FOCUS Brands, will also occupy a 2,500 square foot space. 

Further in the center, in a parcel known as 180 Cobb Parkway, (physical location Trade Center Parkway), Golden Krust will open a new location in a 2,450 square foot space between rue21 and Dollar Tree.  Bronx, NY-based Golden Krust operates a franchise chain of Caribbean bakery & grill restaurants.  The Marietta Golden Krust is the chain's twelfth in metro Atlanta, joining existing locations in Snellville, Kennesaw, Lithonia and Stone Mountain, among others.  

In addition to the new restaurant openings, a nearly 2,400 square foot Tupperware Studio store recently opened in the center.  The Tupperware Studio, the only one in the state and just the 28th overall for the now 70 year old company, allows customers to test, try and experience assorted Tupperware products as well as enjoy meal prep and food demonstrations.  Tupperware products are sold at the store but must either be shipped to a customer or shipped to the store and pick up on a future visit.       The Studio, which Michele Womble of Zenith Party Sales opened last month, is located in the 270 Cobb Parkway building alongside Rent-A-Center and Atlantic Buffet.
Tupperware Studio 

The area around Marietta Trade Center has been especially popular for quick-serve restaurant chains to open new locations and to make capital investments in existing locations.  

Cook Out and Waffle House both opened new locations nearby within the past year or so, while KFC's The Big Chicken and Dairy Queen were both given nearly 100% rebuilds.  Arby's and Wendy's also completed renovations at their nearby restaurants recently.  Krystal debuted their "Clocktower" restaurant design last year at 271 Cobb Parkway at a restaurant they completely demolished and rebuilt.  

A former Checkers in an outparcel of a nearby former Big K Mart turned Sears outlet closed "temporarily" months ago, and has yet to reopen.  Local sources claim the restaurant is expected to remodel and reopen, but little work has been completed.  Attempts to contact Checkers on their media line were unsuccessful.   

Have you ever been to a 1000 Degrees Pizza?  Are you excited about the opening of a new Golden Krust?  What other restaurants or retailers would you like to see open in Marietta Trade Center?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

One must question why any franchise would pay money to buy into any of these franchises. The barrier to entry seems very low. You source quality ingredients and buy an oven. Nobody is going to try 1000 degrees because they've heard it's delicious in Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

The Tupperware studio is beautiful. Lots of fond memories with these products.

Anonymous said...

We need a Burger King please!

TheJohnP said...

I've been to 1000 Degrees in both VA and FL and enjoyed it. Very similar to a Your Pie experience. Or I imagine some of the others in that category that I haven't tried out yet. If they can find good locations, they should do fine.

Anonymous said...

There's a BK just a few blocks away at S. Marietta Pkwy & Fairground.

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