Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[OPENING ALERT] Savannah's Zunzi's to Open in Atlanta This Wednesday May 30

Zunzi's, a quick serve restaurant specializing in "South African inspired" fare that we first announced would be opening in Atlanta last August, is now in the homestretch and plans to open Wednesday May 30. The restaurant, located alongside Mr. C's and Fellini's Pizza at 1971 Howell Mill Road, occupies an approximately 2,300 space previously home to Salsa Havana.

Last year, BuzzFeed published a story - "34 Meals That Are Actually Worth Traveling The World For."  The list, subtitled, "the ultimate foodie bucket list,"  included only seven domestic restaurants, Zunzi's among them, the only eatery in Georgia.  The restaurant's mention also includes a quote from a past diner saying "These sandwiches ruined all other food for me."

Husband and wife founders Johnny and Gabriella DeBeer opened the first Zunzi's on East York Street in Savannah in 2005.  The restaurant grew to attract a cult-like following to its quaint 1,000 square foot space.  "Zunzi’s is a mixture of international cuisine that comes from Johnny and Gabriella’s very different cultural backgrounds. A combination of Swiss, Italian, South African and Dutch, Zunzi’s brings together flavors that are unique and delicious as well as always being fresh."  The name itself is derived from the island of Zanzibar in East Africa.   

Chris Smith, along with business partners John Hooff, Sr. and John Hooff, Jr., purchased the concept from the DeBeers in late 2014.   

Smith tells ToNeTo Atlanta that the restaurant's popular "Shit Yeah" sauce is akin to their motto of "Shit Yeah," which in the restaurant is used in place of a simple "yes." Smith further explains, "We want our customers to have such a great experience that they leave saying....shit yeah!" Essentially, in lieu of the Chick-fil-A-ified "my pleasure," your cashier might respond "shit yeah" when you've completed your purchase.   
Zunzi's sandwiches will be made with bread from nearby H&F Bread Co. and for dessert, the shop will offer assorted cookies from Byrd's, a Savannah staple since 1924.  Additionally, the restaurant will be the only eatery in Atlanta to offer sodas, haymakers and agua frescas from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho-based Tractor Beverage Company.  
Tractor sodas with CRUSHED ice! 
Zunzi's is the second Savannah import to open in Atlanta this year following the early March debut of Daniel Reed's Public Kitchen & Bar at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. 

Smith tells ToNeTo Atlanta that he is "close" to signing a lease on another intown Zunzi's that he says would serve as the "model unit" for future growth of the brand.  

Have you ever been to Zunzi's?  What is your favorite sandwich place in metro Atlanta?  Where should Zunzi's open next?

Please share your thoughts below 


Anonymous said...

I have been to the Zunzi's in Savannah and it was EXCELLENT! I'm very excited for the new location to open.

J Payne said...

This area of Howell Mill is starting to accumulate some nice restaurants. Felini's and Howell's are cool spots too.

Barry Falcon said...

The healthy food options and friendly staff will make this a huge success. Its delicious.

Unknown said...

Shit yeah

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