Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Space Shop Seeks Space for Self Storage in City of Decatur

Atlanta-based Stein Investment Group is proposing a new three story self-storage facility on Clairemont Avenue at the northern edge of the City of Decatur.  The self-storage project would be built on an approximately one acre assemblage at 1119, 1121 and 1123 Clairemont Avenue, where currently three single family homes sit.  The property is across the street from the Decatur Family YMCA and also catty-corner from an existing Public Storage self-storage facility.  
Typical Space Shop via The Space Shop facebook page 

"The Applicant selected this location for climate controlled self-storage due to the area's strong demographics and lack of interior accessed, attractive self storage in the surrounding area," the company says in a filing with the City of Decatur.  

The filing refers to the would-be facility as "The Space Shop Clairemont" and indicates it will be just over 100,000 square feet, but does not specify how many units it will have. 

Only one of the parcels is currently within the boundaries of the City of Decatur, the other two are in unincorporated DeKalb County.  Stein is seeking to the three combined into one, annexed into the City of Decatur, and zoned C-3 (heavy commercial), to allow for the development of the self-storage facility.   The parcels are currently zoned R-60, O-I and R-75, respectively.  

As we have reported previously, Stein Investment Group has been quite active in the metro Atlanta in building, buying and more recently, selling, self-storage facilities.  

Already, the company has a storage facility under construction on Clairmont Road in Chamblee, and another that recently opened on Lenox Road near Brookhaven.  As we reported last week, Stein is also proposing a new facility on Spring Road in Smyrna and has others in the works in Kennesaw and Hiram. 

The Decatur project is scheduled to go before the City of Decatur Planning Commission June 12.

Do you think the area needs another self storage facility?  Should the City of Decatur approve the annexation and rezoning request?  What type of business do you think the City of Decatur needs the most?  

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Anonymous said...

Omg! Another storage space!! No!!

your pal hoop said...

The most pointless thing you could put there.

Anonymous said...

We are becoming the mattress and self-storage capital of the world.

Anonymous said...

This proposal is shocking and frightening because of the Decatur C3 zoning code required, which is horrible as we can observe on Decatur's industrial East side. Take a google streetview stroll down Weeke's street and ask yourself how those homeowners enjoyed their C3 zoning. We don't need another storage given that there is one across the street (zoned Dekalb OD, much lighter with lots of greenspace) and another new one a few miles away. We are a residential neighborhood and a historical district, adjacent to an area of light neighborhood-friendly commerce. A C3 zoned warehouse is way out of line for this area. C3 is the heaviest industry zoning possible and completely inappropriate near family housing.

C3 is the only zoning code that would allow facilities with "excessive smoke, odor, noise, glare, fumes or vibration, and may include uses that are unsightly, noisy, noxious or offensive." C3 zoning is also the only zoning code that would allow "A facility that provides treatment for persons who present a direct threat to the persons or property of others. Includes sex offenders, and transient housing related to post-incarceration programs".

Do you want a car repair lot at Scott and Clairemont? Do you want a pawn shop and title store at Emory Commons? How about a sex offender treatment center or homeless shelter to replace one of the older historic houses in the Clairemont historic district. C3 makes it all possible.

Don't let C3 get a foot in the door in our already established residential and light commerce neighborhood. If Decatur's big condos need storage space, and Decatur needs revenue, have the warehouses put near the condos. We already have one. Or better yet - put warehouses on the EAST SIDE where it has already been blighted by the only C3 zoning in City of Decatur.

Don't let developers get a C3 foothold to destroy our walkable, transit-friendly, affordable, diverse, age-in-place friendly neighborhood that we love.

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