Thursday, June 28, 2018

[UPDATE] Fountain Oaks Kroger Finally Renovating, Shopping Center Too

Kroger is finally renovating their existing store at Fountain Oaks shopping center on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.  In the works since 2014, the work will now be just a renovation, rather than also an increase in size of the approximately 60,000 square foot store, as was originally planned.

Cincinnati, OH-based Kroger has been cutting back on capital expenditures lately and rethinking/delaying expansions and new stores as it grapples with changes in customers' buying habits and the continued rise of online services such as Amazon, Jet (now owned by Walmart) and Boxed (which in March rejected a $400 million purchase offer by Kroger).  

The renovation, which began in earnest last week, is expected to last about a year.  The work, which a Kroger official referred to as a "Wall to Wall" remodel, will include moving the existing Starbucks kiosk (currently at the front of the store near the deli and U-Scan) to the opposite side of the store and adding the company's ClickList grocery option to the area where the Starbucks is currently.  

The grocer also plans "major department moves in deli/bakery, produce, floral, pharmacy, and upgrades to other departments."  There will be a self-service kosher area as well as a new service chicken/BBQ area, new pizza, Mexican, and sandwich stations.  Improvements will also include freestanding islands offering sushi, "chef on the run," Pan Asian, and a Murray’s Cheese counter.  The renovation will also include "several case upgrades in all departments and a new d├ęcor package."   

Although still a "high-volume" store, Kroger at Fountain Oaks reduced their operating hours last May from 24/7 to     6 AM-1 AM.  

Fountain Oaks, like Toco Hills (Promenade & shopping center) and others is owned by Columbia, SC-based Edens.  Just as Toco Hills has seen the addition of a number of new tenants in recent months, Fountain Oaks is also seeing renewed interest with a renovation of the center itself also underway.
Frutta Bowls under construction 
In recent weeks, Edens has started exterior renovations of Fountain Oaks - work that will include replacing at least two stairwells - and also labeling employee parking with large white dots.  In the coming months, the center will also welcome Frutta Bowls, Poke Bar and Tasty China.  

Are you excited by the improvements coming to Kroger at Fountain Oaks?  What new restaurant are you most looking forward to?  What types of businesses would you like to see open at Fountain Oaks?

Please share your thoughts below.     


Jenna said...

Hoping TCBY will remain!

Anonymous said...

I welcome the new additions to the shopping center and am excited for the new restaurants. Am happy Kroger is finally getting a much deserved renovation. The shopping center mgmt needs to give the Bridge Club the boot, though!

Elaine said...

I would like to see something like Modern Market come into the shopping center to take the old place of Posh. They could do without Pizza Hut and add a nicer pizza place, although there are so many in the area as it is now.

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