Tuesday, August 7, 2018

2nd ATL Area Wahlburgers to Star in Old Planet Hollywood Space Downtown

The second Atlanta area Walburgers restaurant is planned for downtown Atlanta. The new burger eatery will open at 218 Peachtree Street.  ToNeTo Atlanta first heard talk of this likely second location last August around the time of the opening of the group's first Atlanta restaurant at The Battery Atlanta at SunTrust Park.  The plan then was for Wahlburgers to share a portion of the approximately 20,000 square foot multi-story structure with a second QuikTrip (QT) gasless convenience store
The 218 Peachtree site where Wahlburgers will open in 2019 

The deal has been dead at least once and QT out of it in recent months, according to sources familiar with the property's leasing efforts.  

Fire of Brazil, a traditional churrascaria (steakhouse) and Jalapeño Charlie's, which served "Latin-Mexican fusion" most recently occupied the building at the corner of Peachtree Street and Andrew Young International Boulevard, but as ToNeTo Atlanta reported in January 2017, they both closed at the end of 2016. 

Coro Realty Advisors, LLC purchased the property in 2016 for just north of $20 million.  Diplomat Companies, a local hotel operator, had paid $11.3 million in 2006 for the property, to which it planned to add a boutique.   The property, 218 Peachtree, was for many years a Lane Bryant retail store and then was Planet Hollywood from the mid 90s until 2001.  Level 3, a short-lived club, operated in the space before Fire of Brazil & Jalapeño Charlie's opening in 2007. 

A permit filed last week with the City of Atlanta for the downtown Wahlburgers indicates that it will be 6,792 square feet, slightly larger than the 6,080 square feet that Coro indicates constitutes the first floor. 

The permit indicates that work on the interior of the space will include a new bar, new hood and finishes and "minor" exterior work.  The renovation is expected to cost $250,000.  
The current Atlanta area Wahlburgers at The Battery Atlanta at SunTrust Park

The first Wahlburgers restaurant opened in Hingham, Massachusetts, just outside Boston, in 2011.  Chef Paul Wahlberg partnered with his celebrity brothers Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg to launch and expand the concept.  The chain is the subject of the A&E television series, Wahlburgers, which premiered in February 2014 and will debut episodes eight and nine of season nine tomorrow, August 8. 
Tom Throm, a longtime IHOP franchisee, has the rights for up to six Wahlburgers in metro Atlanta.  He along with a group of business partners are opening the downtown location and others around Atlanta.  

Plans call for the downtown Atlanta restaurant to open in 2019.  

Have you been to Wahlburgers?  Are you excited for the addition of Walburgers to downtown Atlanta?  Where would you like to see Wahlburgers open next?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

Yawn, an over hyped burger joint. Nothing to get excited about here people.

Anonymous said...

I've been to the location at the Battery and enjoyed it. I think it will do well in that spot as an affordable lunch option that is not a whole sit-down restaurant experience but also not a food court experience. Definitely a spot I would visit with co-workers.

Hamburguesa said...

Absolute mediocrity. They have Wendy's-caliber burgers and fries at higher-than-Five Guys prices.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a good addition for area. Glad the QT has backed out!!! The OT in Midtown seems to attract a lot of homeless people. It is dirty and I am always harassed there....Hard to believe Midtown Blue is right next door! They appear to do nothing to keep the area safe!

Anonymous said...

Midtown Blue does absolutely NOTHING for midtown. Anytime you call them they tell you to call 911. Exactly what is their purpose?

Unknown said...

Gatlinburg tn

Anonymous said...

No shock this is closed for business.

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