Monday, December 31, 2018

[CLOSURE ALERT] 5 Seasons Brewing at The Prado in Sandy Springs Closing

Five Seasons Brewing confirmed Monday afternoon that they would be closing their location at The Prado in Sandy Springs at midnight on December 31.  The restaurant, one of the longest running tenants in the development, has been in business for 19 years.  The Five Seasons Brewing on Marietta Street on the Westside will remain in business. 

The restaurant posted the following message to their Facebook page:

"Happy New Year to all friends and family of the 5 Seasons Prado location in Sandy Springs.  
As many of you know, tonight marks the end of our lease here at the Prado location and we will be closing our doors here in Sandy Springs at midnight.  
I wanted to personally thank our dedicated staff, enormous customer support and community that allowed us to operate here for the last 19 years.  
It has been our pleasure to provide millions of handcrafted beers, meals and good times to so many for so long.  
We will continue to operate the Westside location located at 1000 Marietta Street in Atlanta Georgia 

The popular Atlanta-based brewery and restaurant closed their location on Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta last June where upstart barbecue eatery Loyal Q and Brew later opened.   In our June 2017 post, we noted that real estate sources indicated that The Prado location was on "borrowed time," and was on a month-to-month lease.  

The 9,570 square foot space that Five Seasons occupies has been quietly marketed by The Shopping Center Group since at least last year as "Redesigned Restaurant Row."  In the artist's rendering below, the structure to the top left with the circled "R" is the Five Seasons space, while the two spaces to its right are today occupied by Iron Age, an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Korean steak house that opened this past July.     

The Prado project, redeveloped by by St. Petersburg, Florida-based The Sembler Company in 2008, has been plagued by closures as of late, competing with TOWN Brookhaven (2010), another Sembler developed center, for the number of closures since opening

A couple of months ago, Barberitos, a quick-serve burrito joint, closed, preceded in demise by neighbor Yogurt Mountain which closed in early 2015.  This past weekend, Publix shuttered their store in the project, with real estate sources telling ToNeTo Atlanta that Pizza Crosta, a quick-serve pizza joint in the development, could close as soon as this week.  

Staples previously closed in the project, as did Kobe Steaks, among others.  

Some local neighbors fear the rash of closures in the development could spook new would-be tenants and/or cause other existing tenants to close, such as Target.  

One would hope that the Five Seasons closure relates to there being a replacement tenant identified, but there is no indication that is actually the case.  

Are you surprised to see Five Seasons Brewing close at The Prado? What would you like to see open at The Prado?  Why do you think so many businesses struggle at The Prado in Sandy Springs?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

"competing with TOWN Brookhaven (2010), another Sembler developed center, for the number of closures since opening." ����

Anonymous said...

I live close to the Prado and hate to see all of these closings, but it's not the most convenient place to access or park. The traffic around that area is terrible and there is almost no visibility from the road. Honestly I've eaten at a couple of the places in the center and none are bad but none are anything to get excited about. I actually liked the smaller size Publix for a few staples and quick stops. The Target isn't too bad either but on the whole the center just isn't a popular destination.

Anonymous said...

I think that lack of road visibility has hurt these Semblers quite a bit. When someone drives by the Forum in Norcross, you can see lots of parking, but you also see various stores and it just looks more inviting/enticing than these more fortress-like Sembler developments and their various things that are hidden from street view.

We ate at 5 Seasons years ago using a groupon. It was fine, nothing all that memorable, kind of epitomizing the types of places that were more popular in the 80s and 90s.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I’m not surprised. I’ve been to 5 Seasons a couple of times in the past few years and it seems that the beer and food are a bit uninspired in comparison to what is available in Atlanta’s other breweries today. With regard to the Sembler developments’ vacancies, this seems to reflect an economy that is topping out and purging the places that cannot make the money to pay overhead costs. Some of these “concepts” were never going to be profitable.

gw said...

Franchise concepts clustered in cramped quarters feel unpleasant to me whether they can be seen from a road or not. I'm only drawn to shop in the more open areas with the easiest egress - typically located by the largest development anchors (like a Target and a Costco). If development design is based on maximizing development profit, I'd hope the equation for development profit would include a negative factor for cramped quarters (causing customer avoidance) and a positive factor for the presence of wild nature's aesthetics (causing customer attraction).

Anonymous said...

Was Fuqua with Sembler at the time these disasters were developed?

Anonymous said...

The re-development ruined the opportunity the Prado had. I just think of it now as a big maze of fortress-like concrete walls. Difficult access and parking. No one driving by would have any interest in turning in unless they desperately need something from Target. Terrible waste of prime real estate that won't be easy to fix.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to 5 Seasons in a pretty good while but I was always pleased with the food quality there. I thought they did a really good job with food, especially for a brewpub.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to compete with countless new breweries opening up all over the place, ITP as well as OTP. 5 Seasons (Crawford Moran) was a pioneer 15 years ago when its only real competition was maybe MaxLager/TacoMac sort of dreck. Times have changes dramatically since then.

Far-Out Freya said...

On the now hand, I will miss 5 Seasons; on the other hand, somehow I am not surprised as the place has been in a decline over the past couple years. I visited the place frequently, and saw fewer and fewer new offerings. Maybe their inability to find a new master brewer had a hand in this. At least their westside location is still open.

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