Saturday, January 5, 2019

[Au Revoir] After 20 Years, French Restaurant Pastis Has Closed in Roswell

Pastis, a popular Roswell restaurant, has closed after two decades in business.  Located at 928 Canton Street in Historic Downtown Roswell, Pastis opened in 1998 and was one of the longest running, continuously operating restaurants in the area.  
Developed as the sibling eatery to Buckhead's popular Anis Cafe & Bistro, Pastis opened in 1998, four years after Anis' debut on Grandview Avenue. 

Pastis moved to their current home in 2009, after which their former space opened as the Roswell outpost of popular Decatur Square watering hole, Mac McGee.  

A casual French Bistro, Pastis offered savory and affordable French fare made even more popular by the live music the restaurant offered Tuesday through Saturday, and Sunday Night Jazz. The restaurant's Sunday Brunch with $12 Bottomless Mimosas and two outdoor patios were also features popular with patrons.  

Located at the corner of Magnolia and Canton Streets at the beginning of the Canton Street corridor, there will undoubtedly be interest in the restaurant space.  

Last June, Pastis owner Carla Dent hosted an anniversary celebration followed by a week's worth of specials and other events to celebrate the restaurant's 20th birthday.  

The closing, which ToNeTo Atlanta readers began to report to us earlier this week, was according to a sign on the restaurant's front door, to complete "renovations."  

The restaurant has not posted to its official facebook page since December 28 and multiple calls during normal business hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday went to voicemail.  

Despite the lack of an official announcement, its closure was confirmed to ToNeTo Atlanta by two local Roswell area sources.  

While it's not yet known exactly what will open in the prime location, the Roswell rumor mill is circulating that Gate City Brewing, located behind Pastis, may be looking to take over the restaurant and open a Canton Street-facing taproom.  

Are you surprised that Pastis closed in Roswell?  Does the idea of an expanded Gate City Brewing appeal to you?  What is your favorite French eatery in metro Atlanta?

Please share your thoughts below. 


jamiet27 said...

I loved Pastis, particularly when it was in their old space!

Anonymous said...

left out of the report is Pastis was legendary for late night meet market / hook up activities.

Anonymous said...

@anon you are so right, in the old space it was a great night out, bagged many a fine fillie in there

Unknown said...

Loved and lived at Past is! So sad to hear it closed. CARLA was the kindest and most wonderful hostess...miss you and your wonderful restaurant! MISS LINDA

Unknown said...

The old Pastis was the best. Small venue which made it always crowded. Food was pretty good too and the music was funky and fun to dance too. Also the crowd was more middle age. I didn't feel like I was babysitting. When they moved to the corner it lost its appeal and catered to a younger crowd.

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