Sunday, March 3, 2019

[UPDATE] Owners of Rose & Crown Tavern Opening Mojave

The owners of Rose & Crown Tavern on Powers Ferry Road are planning to open a second restaurant next month.  The new restaurant, Mojave, will open in place of the short-lived Ray's Rio Bravo on Powers Ferry Road near the  Chattahoochee River.  Rio Bravo closed in early 2017 after than two years in business.  ToNeTo Atlanta previously reported that Ray Schoenbaum, who opened the restaurant and purchased the restaurant and its property, had put it up for sale or lease.   

Owner Miguel Ayoub, who opened Rose & Crown in 2010 in place of a shuttered La Madeleine, plans to close his pub and restaurant May 10.  The restaurant, along with a number of other former restaurants adjacent to it, will be redeveloped as part of a $110 million mixed-use development that is to include new retail, restaurant and multifamily developments.  

Rose & Crown is slated to reopen in the new project.  Currently in a roughly 4,000 square foot building, the next Rose & Crown would be a bout 50% bigger, occupying a roughly 6,000 square foot space in the new development.  

Current plans call for the southwest restaurant to debut in mid-April.  The new mixed-use development and replacement Rose & Crown likely won't open until sometime in 2020/2021.

Does the idea of a southwest restaurant in place of the former Ray's Rio Bravo excite you?  Will you miss Rose & Crown when it begins its hiatus next month?  What are your thoughts on the mixed-use development along Powers Ferry Road?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

Focus on providing high quality food that tastes great...if you have to charge premium, do so as your target customer can afford to pay little more and become repeat customer ... otherwise you going elsewhere.

don't compromise on best tasting food you can deliver..

good luck

Anonymous said...

Loved the location at Rio Bravo and will be glad to see it re-open, but I'm afraid they're going to lose a lot of character with the old Rose & Crown.

Not to mention how hard it will be to get a seat anywhere with all the crowds and traffic these massive apartment complexes bring.

Anonymous said...

Just hurry up and develop it, regulars will miss R&C, but very excited for the new development in the works. Powers Ferry Rd has a few projects underway, very exciting and can't wait to try all the next establishments.

Anonymous said...

The re-opened Rio Bravo killed itself with policies like charging $2-3 for a glass of lemonade, then charging for refills.

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