Thursday, May 2, 2019

[RRRR-RENDERINGS] First of its Kind Racetrac to Open in "The Mix" Downtown

A new RaceTrac that ToNeTo Atlanta first got wind of in 2017 is finally officially official and is expected to open this summer.  The new location, unlike any other that the Atlanta based company operates, will be on the ground floor of a mixed-use development, and will only have four fueling stations, eight pumps.  RaceTrac supplied never before seen renderings of the upcoming location exclusively to readers of Tomorrow's News Today- Atlanta.   

The new RaceTrac is opening as part of the new student housing development under construction at the corner of John Wesley Dobbs and Piedmont Avenues in Downtown Atlanta.  The 26 story project, being developed by Atlanta based South City Partners, is expected to bring 235 units with some 650 beds to the site of a former Shell gas station, as well as an old dialysis clinic on a roughly one acre parcel. 

South City Partners describes themselves as "a fully integrated multi-family development company." Launched in 2011, South City was a partner in the Inman Quarter development and has a number of other multifamily projects underway or planned in metro Atlanta including one in Avondale Estates and another in Alpharetta.  

The former downtown Shell, which also had eight pumps, was located at 160 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue.  The dialysis center was located at 120 Piedmont Avenue.  The new development - "The Mix" - will assume the Piedmont address. 

The Mix will feature some rather upscale offerings including a "resort-style" heated saltwater pool and poolside cabanas, 26th floor sky-deck patio, 24/7 fitness center, yoga room & tanning, dog spa & "bark park" as well as a "music room / recording studio." 

The convenience store component of the RaceTrac will be 4,000 square feet and will provide all of the offerings for which RaceTrac is known, including a Swirl World frozen dessert station with up to 10 flavors and 41 toppings and a large coffee area with freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee. Guests can look forward to a clean, well-lit store, starkly different from the Shell station before it.  The store will also have free Wi-Fi and a more shoppable layout to deliver a better guest experience. 

A RaceTrac representative indicated that "this is not the smallest location RaceTrac has built in recent years, but this is the first within a mixed-use development."  The representative further added "This is a unique opportunity for RaceTrac, as it is in a dense, urban area and is our first non-traditional brick and mortar store." 

The store is located across the street from University Commons, a 4.2 acre development of four apartment buildings ranging from eight to 15 stories, housing approximately 2,000 Georgia State University (GSU) students.  Multiple other GSU-run and privately run student housing developments are located nearby as is GSU's main campus.  

A listing from Ackerman & Co., the company handling the retail leasing for the new development, indicates that there are a roughly 1,600 and roughly 2,400 space still available for lease.  

Not far from the South City project, a second gas-less QuikTrip was to open at the corner of Andrew Young International Boulevard and Peachtree Street, but the deal never materialized.  The site, once home to Planet Hollywood, is currently under renovation to open soon as Atlanta's second Wahlburgers restaurant.  The proposed QuikTrip convenience store would have opened in addition to the burger eatery.  The company continues to operate what has proven to be a popular convenience store sans gas location on Peachtree Street in Midtown, which opened in 2016.  
Georgia State's University Commons shown in white 

RaceTrac representatives indicate that they plan to be open in August and the housing portion reportedly expected to be completed in July with move-ins planned for early August.  

Are you excited for the addition of a new food and fuel option in Downtown Atlanta?  Are you a current or former GSU student who recalls the shadiness of the former Shell station?  What other types of businesses would you like to see open in Downtown Atlanta?

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Greenwave said...

This RaceTrac is going to make an absolute killing simply b/c college kids will frequent this location all day.

Emma said...

Lol, yes, I lived in the Commons the first year they opened (2007-08). That Shell across the street always looked mad shady. I remember one of my friends, who lived off-campus, came over to visit me in my room once and bake cupcakes. She parked at that Shell--it was well-known that you could park there for a few hours and probably get away with it, no problems.

Anonymous said...

Buc-ee's would have be a perfect fit

Dezzie said...


Anonymous said...

@May 3, 2019 at 12:58 PM

your nasty comment is not needed hillary!

Eat sh#t ...

Anonymous said...

I'll give it 6 months till it looks shady and dumpy, kinda like the QT corner of 6th & Peachtree. Sidewalks always dirty outside, tables removed outside, one door now blocked off and the other always has beggars blocking it asking for handouts. Management does nothing to move them. Inside is just as bad; used to be clean with employees always cleaning and mopping (like the other QT's are known for), now always dirty and empty shelves with employees that have a slight attitude (maybe it's from dealing with the type of people they have to put up with). Stopped going in there a year ago.

Anonymous said...

It would be better without the gas pumps. Oh well.

Mariah said...

This area was indeed shady! Glad they are cleaning it up and adding more housing for students. Downtown needs a facelift, especially around GSU campus. As a former alumni - I didn't want to live on campus due to the fact that so much shady activity was happening at night around that area. Glad to know students will be having a different experience than I did.

Anonymous said...

Racetrac will definitely make sure that won’t happen, Atlanta is their home base!!

Anonymous said...

It’s a “gas” station

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