Monday, July 22, 2019

[CLOSURE ALERT] Moe's Original Bar B Que Toast in Roswell

Moe's Original Bar B Que has closed its franchised restaurant in Roswell.  The restaurant, at 12020 Etris Road, opened in August 2016 and reportedly closed within the past week.  There was apparently no advance warning to patrons about the closure, only a sign once the restaurant closed thanking the community.  

Created by three University of Alabama alums in 2001, Moe's has grown to 59 locations across the country as well as a  location in Mexico City.  Despite having 20 locations in Alabama, the chain is based in Vail, Colorado.  

The Roswell closure follows the closure of the Moe's in Carrollton which closed early last April after opening in November 2016.  The Moe's closures in Carrollton and Roswell leave the chain with just two outposts in Georgia, one on 14th Street in Home Park, the other on West 1st Street in Rome.  

Were you a patron of Moe's in Roswell and surprised by their closure?  What is your favorite chain barbecue restaurant in metro Atlanta?  What would you like to see open in place of Moe's Original Bar B Que in Roswell?

Please share your thoughts below  


Unknown said...

Would love to see Meeting Street BBQ reopen there or 'Cue.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if the location was right. They never had beef brisket on the weekends. That's why I never visited often. I did enjoy it once when they served it. Sorry to see it go but they should have paid more attention to what the customers wanted.

Anonymous said...

Best smoked wings on the planet. Sorry to see them go.

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