Monday, February 3, 2020

[EXCLUSIVE] Amazon 4-Star and Kate Hudson-backed Fabletics To Open in Perimeter Mall

Later this year, Perimeter Mall will see the opening of two first-to-market retailers.  Joining a roster that already includes a recently relocated and hugely expanded Zara store will be new locations of Fabletics and an Amazon "4-star" store
Fabletics, a digitally native athletic apparel line, started in 2013 with actress Kate Hudson as one of its co-founders.  The brand began as an online subscription business, but entered the brick & mortar retail business in the fall of 2015.    

Amazon debuted the 4-star concept in fall 2018.  The 4-star stores carry items from some of the most popular categories on, including devices, consumer electronics, kitchen, home, toys, books and games.  To date, it has nine locations.

The new 4-star store at Perimeter Mall will be among ten new stores the online giant will open in 2020, according to a listing on its website.  Other upcoming centers slated to receive 4-star stores are the new American Dream mega-mall in East Rutherford, N.J. and The SoNo Collection in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Everything in the store is rated four stars and above, is a top seller, or is new and trending on Digital price tags alongside every item show the Prime price and list price, Prime member savings, average star rating and the total number of reviews a product has received. 
The Amazon 4-star store at Perimeter Mall will be located on the upper level of the Von Maur wing in a roughly 5,000 square foot space, about half of the former Zara space.  Fabletics will also open on the upper level of the mall, but across from lululemon in a roughly 3,000 square foot space most recently occupied by Lucky Brand. 

In addition to the new retailers opening in the Dunwoody mall, several new restaurants are also slated to open in or around the mall in the coming months.  Sixty Vines, Whiskey Cake, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Buffalo Wild Wings and Iron Hill Restaurant & Brewery are all slated to open new locations soon.  

Sixty Vines and Lazy Dog will open in two new freestanding buildings currently under construction at the corner of Perimeter Center West and Ashford Dunwoody Road.  Whiskey Cake is opening in place of the short-lived Cowfish at the front of Perimeter Mall, while Buffalo Wild Wings will open in a new freestanding building that will be situated alongside Chick-fil-A near the corner of Ashford Dunwoody Road and Hammond Drive.  Iron Hill will open on the back side of the mall in the lobby level of the new Twelve24 office building along Hammond Drive near the Dunwoody MARTA station.  

Have you ever shopped Fabletics or an Amazon 4-star store?  Are you excited for the changes coming to Perimeter Mall?  What other shops or restaurants would you like to see open at the Dunwoody mall?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Greenwave said...

Sounds like a lot of variety. Hopefully the quality of the food will be high otherwise they will all close quickly like Cowfish.

Anonymous said...

Why did Lucky close? When did that happen? I don't recall. Perimeter keeps losing higher end stores like Lucky, Sur la Table, and Stuart Weitzman. Each time I've gone to Perimeter, especially on the weekends, it's been a decidedly urban clientele. Foot Locker catered to this changing demographic by opening their large House of Hoops format.

There are fewer and fewer of the Dunwoody and Sandy Springs house wives that used to be there. While I wouldn't say Perimeter Mall is going downhill overall, I would say I'm not sure it will stay relevant as an indoor mall in a decade.

Greenwave said...

@ 11:12 am

Just say a lot of black people go to Perimeter and not tip toe around your thinly covered racism. Perimeter Mall is literally the most popular mall in Atlanta and they have plenty of high end stores and are expanding more. Hense why a bunch of restaurants are opening up nearby. I wouldn't be surprised if Perimeter is the highest grossing mall in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I live 5 minutes from that place and you could not pay me to go over there.I have not been over there in 15 years.People who I know that work there or close by tell me that the crime over there is unbelievable and that car break ins are considered as a normal occurance.Thankfully my house is under contract to sell and I am moving from this gangsta loving thug loving place.Long live the exurbs.

396 said...

"...decidedly urban clientele." Everyone who lives in the central city of a major metropolitan area is "urban" so surely you mean that there were a lot of Fulton County license plates in the parking lot.

You can just say there were a lot more black people there than you're accustomed to seeing. Trying to have it both ways (implying that too many of the "wrong kind of people" are there while pretending that's not what you meant) with slimy little euphemisms is for middle school kids.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog the racist comments are out of control.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog.The truth and real deal comments rule.How sweet it is.

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