Wednesday, May 20, 2020

[UPDATE] Bread and Butter in Marietta Has Closed Permanently

Bread and Butter Bakery has closed its Marietta outpost.  Located on the front corner of the Marietta Square Market, Bread and Butter opened with the development last March, but closed permanently within the past few days.  The bakery and coffee shop is the second known permanent closure in the project following our report Monday that Street Taco from Southern Proper Hospitality will not be reopening.  
The Marietta Bread and Butter was the sister location to the original bakery in historic downtown Covington which opened in 2013, and remains open.  

Another Atlanta area Bread and Butter was expected to open in 2021, helping anchor the new The Wilbur development at 1072 Memorial Drive in Reynoldstown.  Cross-Town Realty, who had previously been handling leasing for the project, is no longer involved, and the last permit filed for the project was before Christmas.  Local sources indicate the project, as well as the bakery, are both on hold for the moment, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Back at Marietta Street Market, Forno Vero from Fork U Concepts, is basically the anchor pro tem for the project.  The locally owned pizza shop is open for takeout and to-go orders and is the largest remaining eatery in the development.  

Sources close to Marietta Square Market indicate that the landlord's leasing team is in talks with at least one other established local bakery & cafe to potentially take over the space.  Talks are reportedly "very early," and weeks, if not months away from being finalized.  

While some eateries and merchants are already open for takeout & delivery, others, like local gourmet ice cream shop Four Fat Cows, are expected to continue to ramp back up to somewhat normal operations when Marietta Square Market officially reopens this coming Friday, May 22.  

Did you ever go to Bread & Butter at Marietta Square Market?  What bakery or eatery would you most like to see open in place of Bread & Butter in Marietta?  What is your favorite Marietta area restaurant?

Please share your thoughts below. 


Unknown said...

I have always wanted a good Fish and Chips restaurant. I think that would fit in well with the other tenants. As for my favorite Marietta restaurant I can't choose just one. My family is from New Jersey so a good diner is important so, Marietta Diner for the "Mass Market" crowd and Hoboken Cafe for the more "bespoke" taste. For an exotic meal I really like Vatica Indian Cuisine. I also really like Chinese food and I would go with MiniStop Chinese for Americanized Chinese or Firestone Chinese for Sichuan style.

Citykid said...

I'm a coffee snob, and their coffee was surprisingly good. But their nitro taps were always out, to which they would always blame the supplier.

I think they tried to do too many things, thus never fully appealing to any one crowd. They tried to be a psuedo bakery, coffee shop, jam and knock knack shop, but they never really fully committed to any.

Anonymous said...

they seemed to have trouble serving customers and keeping things in stock. easily solved problems but they couldn't figure it out.
sad that the food hall is losing tenants already.

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