Friday, July 3, 2020

[UPDATE] The Shops Buckhead Atlanta Has Yet Another New Name!

Remember that large mixed-use project in the heart of Buckhead that has gone though about as many name changes as LOVE aka Brother Love aka Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka Diddy aka P. Diddy? ... Welp, it has a new name! Updated signage, branding and employee uniforms confirm that the new name of the project most recently known as The Shops Buckhead Atlanta will be Buckhead Village District.  
The sprawling 2.7 acre project, which has also gone though several ownership changes, was purchased last year by Ponce City Market owner Jamestown, who quietly introduced the new name in April, but has within the past couple of weeks updated many of the light poles, valet stands and exterior branding to reflect the new name. 

The fact that we are the first to report this change could indicate A) no one cares, or B) no one has been on foot within the center to notice,... or both.  The new name is the fifth for the center which eventually opened in 2014.  Prior names have included Buckhead Avenues, The Streets of Buckhead, Buckhead Atlanta and The Shops Buckhead Atlanta.  

Matt Bronfman, Principal and CEO of Jamestown, discussed his vision for the project this past February at the Buckhead Business Association's annual luncheon. It was at this luncheon that Bronfman first hinted at the name change, saying “Buckhead Village—and I am calling it Buckhead Village,” reportedly to loud applause, according to a report by Reporters Newspapers.  “People have gone back and forth on [the] name. I think the true name of the project should be Buckhead Village,” Bronfman added.  

Bronfman said many current tenants of the complex have favorable and long-term leases, so change will take time. “But the bones, the genes, are so good, we are confident it will be successful… We’re going to fix it, but it is definitely going to take more time than we would like,” he said.  The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on retailers and restaurants may ultimately accelerate the exit of some of the tenants Bronfman and his team had expected would take far longer.   

In one of the first visible changes under Jamestown ownership, a new dining area and green-space is currently under construction at the project.  Referred to as "The Veranda" on recently updated marketing materials, the new space will open in previously vacant retail space at the corner of Bolling Way & Buckhead Avenue in the heart of the project.  Permits filed with the City of Atlanta indicate that at least $120,000 is being spent converting the space.
Future home of "The Veranda"

The Veranda is reportedly expected to open later this fall, making it the second addition to the project under Jamestown's ownership; the first was the opening of men's shoe store Cobbler Union.  The shoe retailer, with an existing Atlanta area location at Ponce City Market, opened in the Buckhead project this past fall in a space previously home to luxury swimsuit company Vilebrequin.

ToNeTo Atlanta made multiple attempts to obtain comment(s) on the renaming and the Veranda, but was told there was "nothing to share at this time."  

Provided no information by internal or external contacts at Jamestown, we were left to peruse the recently launched Buckhead Village District website which describes the project as follows:
"Buckhead Village District blends diverse shopping and culinary experiences with welcoming communal spaces, bold design and interactive art installations for a taste of life in the modern South. Located in the heart of Atlanta’s iconic Buckhead neighborhood, Buckhead Village District offers guests a unique destination to shop from some of the region’s top stylemakers, indulge in foods from around the globe and exercise at top-rated studios and wellness centers. There’s an experience for everyone inside Buckhead Village District." 
Strangely, as if the center was not already confusing enough, their new website refers to the development as both "BV" and "BVD."  Additionally, the website and marketing materials contain links and mentions of facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages for Buckhead Village District, but the facebook and  Instagram pages still display The Shops Buckhead Atlanta branding and messaging.  The Twitter also displays now outdated branding, but its handle has been updated to @BuckVillageDist.  This inconsistency is more baffling when you consider that the project's facebook and Instagram pages each made (generally the same) posts Thursday July, 2, while the Twitter handle was last updated July 10, 2019! 
Also worth noting is that the Instagram page indicates the project is home to "Over 60 designer stores and unique restaurants with new openings happening all the time!"  By even the most generous of counts the project is home to 48 shops and restaurants.   

What are your thoughts on the latest name of the luxury Buckhead project?  When was the last time you visited The Shops Buckhead Atlanta Buckhead Village District?  What stores, venues or restaurants would you like to see open at Buckhead Village District?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Ham said...

Well, probably what the name should have been from the start. However, other than Hermes little reason to go, but who knows what the future holds.

Anonymous said...

Buckhead Village District (BVD)
They should have at least searched it in the web!!

BVD - › wiki › BVD
BVD is a brand of men's underwear, which are commonly referred to as "BVDs". The brand was founded in 1876 and named after the three founders of the New York City firm Bradley, Voorhees & Day (thus "B.V.D."). The term came to be used, however incorrectly, for any underwear in the style popularized by BVD.

Alex said...

LOL, I still remember BVD commercial with Larry Hagman.

Anonymous said...

Tell us how salty you really feel Atlanta99

Anonymous said...

You seem angry....

Tyler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Any word on how Dior is doing there?

Anonymous said...

Most of the development is decent looking. It sure is nicely landscaped. Jamestown seems like the kind of owner that could find a rational mix of tenants. It was never going to be Rodeo Drive, and with a smarter balance of local and national retailers it could actually be worth spending some time there. The blog author seems to be kind of emotional about this development though.

Anonymous said...

Name is just as confusing as its predecessors. I don't understand the "District" tag on the end.

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