Saturday, September 5, 2020

[WHOMP WHOMP] Which Wich Winds Down Without a Whimper in Brookhaven

Which Wich "Superior Sandwiches" has closed its location at TOWN Brookhaven in Brookhaven.  The restaurant, which occupied a corner space along the same strip as HOBNOB, closed as of August 21, according to a sign posted to the business's front door.  The notice did not cite any specific reason for the closure but did say the decision was made "with a heavy heart."  

The closure of Which Wich at TOWN Brookhaven is at least the fifth in metro Atlanta for the Dallas, Texas-based chain.  Previous Atlanta area closures have included Which Wich locations in Lenox Square in Buckhead, Atlantic Station, The Shoppes Webb Gin in Snellville and on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta.  Last summer, Which Wich also  closed its franchise location in Newnan Festival in Newnan.  

The 1,600 square foot Which Wich space is not yet shown as "available" or "for lease" on the marketing materials from Colliers International who handles the center's leasing but Which Wich was noticeably absent from a recent advertisement for the property.  

TOWN Brookhaven has a long unfortunate track record when it comes to closures, specifically restaurants.  Which Wich was one of the final few original tenants from when the project opened in 2011 and is at least the 20th food operator to have shuttered in the project since its inception.  

Closures like Which Wich, while sad, could present an opportunity for gutsy entrepreneurs looking to open or expand businesses in metro Atlanta.  Second generation restaurant spaces provide significant savings for aspiring restaurant owners, and landlords are likely to be more flexible than ever in working to fill vacant space.  

What is your favorite sandwich shop?  What is your favorite eatery in TOWN Brookhaven? What would you like to see open in place of Which Wich in TOWN Brookhaven?

Please share your thoughts below.  


GANative said...

This which wich location service was terrible, very surprising they lasted as long as they did.

GANative said...

The service at this location was terrible, surprised they stayed open as long as they did.

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