Sunday, May 2, 2021

[UPDATE] DosBros Find Home in Marietta For Their First Atlanta Area Restaurant

DosBros Fresh Mexican Grill will make its delayed Atlanta area entry later this fall when it opens a new restaurant in Marietta.  The Tennessee-based quick serve burrito joint announced earlier this week that their new location will open at 125 Ernest Barrett Parkway (Barrett Creek Plaza) where it will join fellow eateries Buffalo Wild Wings, Cheeseburger Bobby's and Twisted Kitchen.  The 2,369 square foot endcap space that DosBros will occupy was previously home to rival burrito chain Moe's Southwest Grill.  

Moe's occupied the space for more than a dozen years before closing over a year ago.  The Barrett Parkway location is one of at least three area Moe's to have closed in recent years in addition to units in Shallowford Corners and Parkaire Landing shopping centers in East Cobb.  The endcap Shallowford Corners location remains vacant while the freestanding Parkaire Landing location is currently undergoing renovations to reopen as a new Gusto! 

ToNeTo Atlanta reported last August that DosBros was looking to enter the metro Atlanta market with a unit in Sandy Springs.  As recently as April, the Sandy Springs location was still listed as "coming soon" on the DosBros website, but seemingly that changed in recent weeks. The Sandy Springs location is now gone from the website and has been replaced with the restaurant coming "Fall 2021" to Marietta.  

Opening in a second generation restaurant space is always a more cost effective route and opening in place of another concept so similar likely makes the renovation process even less expensive.  That said, one has to wonder if a new-to-market burrito joint can find success where its larger, Atlanta-based rival gave up. 

Despite the Marietta address, the new DosBros is very close to Kennesaw where rival chains Willy's Mexicana Grill and Chipotle Mexican Grill both already operate multiple locations.  Moe's, too, opened a new location at Kennesaw Marketplace in late 2018 that showcases the brand's latest design package and new logo.  

According to the DosBros website, there are currently twelve restaurants open in Tennessee with another coming soon to Hendersonville.  The chain also has a single location open in Chicago, with another restaurant planned for an unidentified location in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  

DosBros does already have a presence in Georgia having opened franchised locations in Dalton in 2018 and Rome in 2019, but extrapolating metro Atlanta success from their small market success seems risky at best.

Barbacoa, another quick serve burrito chain based in Salt Lake City, previously tried to compete in the Kennesaw area, but after opening late 2014, closed abruptly in early 2016.  

ToNeTo Atlanta reported April 15 that Douglas, Georgia-based Surcheros, another "me too" quick serve burrito chain, is also hoping to find success in metro Atlanta.  The small town burrito shop plans later this year to open a new restaurant on Main Street in downtown Alpharetta.  A franchised Surcheros opened in the Atlanta suburb of Loganville in 2018 but closed about a year later.   

Have you ever been to a DosBros?  Do you think DosBros will find success in metro Atlanta?  What is your favorite quick serve burrito chain?

Please share your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

The vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free signage is enough for me to lose interest

CloseOTP said...

@Anon @ 11:59PM - I assume your lack of interest is because you are not vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free. I'm not either. I don't think we're their target audience...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go out of my way, but I'll give them a try. They're around a few other places we frequently grab take out from. I'm not a huge Moe's fan, but we miss that location for the catering orders we used to do for family gatherings 3-4 times a year and if these guys are decent enough its closer to my home than any Moe's is now.

G.G. said...

It's okay, guys, they have steak and chicken as well.

We bring home lunch from one of our Dos Bros locations in Chattanoogs once a month or so. It's better than Moe's, but what isn't? (You can't spell mediocre without M-O-E.) I'd rather we had Willy's in Chattanooga.

Anonymous said...

Damn another burrito place! We need Bonchon on this side of town!

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