Saturday, July 17, 2021

[UPDATE] EZ One Price Cleaners Now Double Its Original Price

EZ One Price Cleaners is once again raising its "one price."  The company, which has three locations in metro Atlanta, opened their first outpost along Roswell Road in Chastain Park in 2013.  A second location opened along Roswell Road in Sandy Springs in 2014 followed by a third along Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta in 2015.  Originally, all three locations offered basic dry cleaning for "one price:" $1.99 per piece.  Gradually the chain raised their price, first to $2.29, then $2.59, $2.79 and most recently to $2.99.

This week, the Chastain Park location in Buckhead quietly upped their price to $3.99, representing a 33% increase over the recent price and a 100% increase since launch! The building and all signage saw its 2s quickly replaced with 3s, but the website still displays the $2.99 price and Google still displays the $2.59 price.  For now, the Sandy Springs and Cheshire Brige Road locations are still offering the $2.99 price, but a store employee indicated that all three locations will be increasing to the $3.99 price "soon."  

According to a recent article by CNBC "The consumer price index, which measures costs for a wide range of items, increased 5.4% in June, the fastest pace in nearly 13 years. Excluding food and energy, the gauge rose 4.5%, the fastest acceleration in nearly 30 years."  

EZ "One Price" at the time of its first price increase

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen cautioned Thursday that prices could continue to rise for several more months, though she expects the recent startling inflation run to ease over time.  “We will have several more months of rapid inflation,” Yellen told Sara Eisen during a “Closing Bell” interview.  

With fewer people going to work and likely less need for dry cleaning services, one has to question the timing of such a significant price increase.  

Have you reduced your dry cleaning over the past year?  What are your thoughts on the hefty price increase?  Is there an item or service that no matter the price, you can't live without?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Several other local cleaners have gone out of business in my part of town. My ability to work from home and decreased to need to go to the cleaners and at this point, I am reluctant to seek out a new one for the fear they will be closed when I go to pick up my cleaning.

Sorry about the number of cleaners that have closed.

Anonymous said...

Inflation is EVERYWHERE. And it's only getting started. Dangerous times ahead.

KER said...

Same here, 2 have closed near us including the one we used, but again we don’t really have any dry cleaning with 2 people working from home.

Anonymous said...

From the sign, looks like $3.99!

Coolio said...

Doesn't bother me. I don't work at the office anymore and neither do a lot of people that I know. They are doing this to stay afloat but it's the perfect storm for these types of businesses: lack of need fuel a need to raise prices for everyone to take up the slack, however those remaining customers don't want a price increase so they find other places that can do the same thing for less, or opt out entirely.

vespajet said...

Many dry cleaning businesses don't actually do the cleaning on premises anymore (why deal with all of the various chemicals and other hazards), and use a third party that pick up and drop off items at those locations (Which is a service some of these third parties offer to consumers). The only actual things done on premise are things like alterations and repairs and maybe shoe and/or luggage repair. When I do need to get items dry cleaned, I drop them off at an alteration shop by my house, and they've always got a steady stream of clothing items people have brought in for alterations or repairs.

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