Saturday, October 16, 2021

[EXCLUSIVE] Popular Sandy Springs Eatery Relocating to East Cobb

Popular Cantonese eatery Canton Cook II is on the move.  The restaurant, which  is currently located in Sandy Springs, is packing up and heading to East Cobb.   Currently located in the LA Fitness-anchored Sandy Springs Crossing shopping center at the corner of Abernathy and Roswell Roads, the new outpost will be about 15 miles away.   

2063 Canton Road (does a more perfect street exist for their relocation?) is the address the Cantonese restaurant will soon call home, occupying the former Rib Ranch restaurant building.  The Rib Ranch closed at the end of 2017 after 35 years in business.  

The new location is both freestanding and a bit bigger, (4,700 compared to 4,000 square feet), than the current restaurant.  Signage at the new restaurant also indicates that it will adopt a new name: Canton Cook Seafood Chinese Restaurant and later hours, until 2am.  

Canton Cook II is an offshoot of sorts of the original restaurant, Canton Cooks, located two miles away in the Whole Foods Market-anchored Hammond Exchange shopping center at Hammond Drive and Roswell Road.  Canton Cooks opened in 1997 and serves a similar menu to its soon-to-be East Cobb relative.  The Xu brothers, Eric, William and Ming, honed their cooking and restaurant skills working for their sister Kathy at Canton Cooks before opening Canton Cook II in 2011.  

Cobb County property records indicate that an entity - Pearl River Brothers LLC - registered by one of the brothers, purchased the roughly one acre former Rib Ranch property for $455K in early 2019. 

The owners of Canton Cook II originally planned to be open in their new location this month, but delays have caused them to push their opening to January.  

Are you a fan of Canton Cook II?  Do you prefer it or the original Canton Cooks?  What other types of restaurants would you like to see open in East Cobb?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Unknown said...

This is amazing news, have been a fan of Canton Cooks since coming to Atlanta almost 20 years ago. Not far at all from our house, don't have to drive to Sandy Springs anymore.

DW said...

Prefer the original and have eaten there many, many times over the years. Probably the worst thing about no longer living in Sandy Springs. I went to CC2 only once and was not impressed but I chalked it up to being new and the cookware not being "seasoned" yet.
I live @ the crossroads of Woodstock and Marietta and was sooo excited when the sign went up. I hope ot is as good as the original... please, please, please!!!!

Unknown said...

I was thrilled when I found the original Canton Cooks in Sandy Springs.Coming from New York I was very disappointed with the Chinese food in Georgia. The food of Canton Cooks 1 is top notch and as good as any of the best Chinese restaurants found in New York City. I have raved and highly recommended them to many people and all agreed that they are the best Chinese restaurant to be found in our area. When Canton Cooks 2 opened in Sandy Springs I tried them several times and some of their dishes do not live up to Canton Cooks 1 standards such as their duck or shrimp and lobster sauce. Canton Cooks 1 and 2 are owned by two brothers, Canton Cooks 1 having the better food.
If Canton Cooks 2 lives up to the food of Canton Cooks 1 and sticks to there recipes when they move to Canton St. in Marietta they will be The Best Chinese restaurant to be found anywhere in Cobb County.

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with the last comments stating that the duck and the shrimp and lobster sauce at Canton Cooks 2 is not as good as Canton Cooks 1 and not by a long shot which is far better. Canton Cooks 2 needs to stick to the original recipes and keep the standards of Canton Cooks1 which is on a par with the best Chinese restaurants found in New York.

Anonymous said...

They are not even open yet At their new location. It’s already about to be May.

Anonymous said...

Life long Manhattan resident. Desperate for something that resembles Chinese food here in Marietta. When the sign went up it was such a tease. Can’t wait to go.

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