Tuesday, January 18, 2022

[EGGSTRA EGGSTRA!] Eggspensive Eatery Effin Egg to Enter Atlanta

Effin Egg, a new breakfast eatery, plans to enter the Atlanta market.  Pushed from an intended September 2021 opening, Effin Egg's Atlanta debut is now planned for mid-February in Decatur, where the eatery will open in the Shops at The Artisan at the corner of West Ponce de Leon Avenue and Commerce Drive.  The quick serve restaurant will occupy suite C, an 1,185 square foot space previously home to Smoothie King, and before that, The Chocolate Bar.  (The 4,235 square foot former Ted's Montana Grill next door remains vacant.) 

Jeff Martin, the entrepreneur who started cupcake franchise Smallcakes in 2008 and grew it to nearly 200 locations, sold the business for an undisclosed sum this past September.  Effin Egg which he started in 2020, is his latest project.  

"Effin Egg is a fast-casual breakfast sandwich concept. Inspired by a true love of eggs, our menu boasts classic comfort fare with a twist, using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Not just a morning staple, Effin Egg's signature egg sammies hit the spot all day long. This is not your grand pa’s breakfast place."

The original, and currently only Effin Egg is located in Inlet Beach, Florida, near the easternmost end of Highway 30A.  Online reviews for the restaurant are mixed, with most people either ranting or raving about it. Among the more frequent complaints are poor cleanliness and bad staff attitudes, issues that will hopefully not find their way to Atlanta.  

Interestingly, price was not as frequently complained about despite what some may perceive as the restaurant's premium pricing.  

In their FAQ section on their website, the company addresses price: 

Why are effin egg sandwiches expensive? 

"Our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients—not to mention cooking everything to order—results in a higher price for our amazing egg sammies. We take a lot of care in making them, and we hope you love them as much as we do!"

The restaurant's menu is largely centered on sandwiches, burritos, tacos and bowls, most of which cost about ten bucks or so.  

Despite boldly saying, literally in big bold letters, Breakfast All. Effin. Day., the restaurant's existing location is only open from 7:30AM until 1:30PM Tuesday through Saturday, and 8AM until 1PM on Sunday, which are pretty basic breakfast hours for most quick serve eateries and does not meet the definition of "all day."

McDonald's, for instance, was pre-pandemic still offering all-day breakfast, but has since cut back to streamline operations.  But don't get them confused.  According to signage in Effin Egg, "We are not a fast-food restaurant.  If you want fast food, we will give you directions to McDonald's.  Be EFFIN Happy."

McDonald's aside, there are several breakfast-centric eateries that have previously closed in Decatur like Highland Bakery, and others, like Folk Art, Sweet Melissa's, J. Christopher's, and B-Side, that continue to operate within a few blocks of where Effin Egg is opening.  

Have you been to the original Effin Egg?  Are you excited for the opening of Effin Egg in Decatur?  What is your favorite breakfast spot in Decatur?

Please share your thoughts below  


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the edgy "effin" all over the place, but I must not be the target audience.

Anonymous said...

downtown Decatur has way too many vacant spaces since the pandemic. Especially that whole block where Highland Bakery was at one end and Ted's Montana Grill at the other. With the high rents, it can't be easy to attract good businesses with foot traffic so far down. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction

Anonymous said...

I don’t need directions to McDonalds but can probably get something similar there that’s cheaper and faster. And I don’t particularly want any “sammies” as I am not 4 years old, or Rachel Ray, thanks.

Anonymous said...

the owner thinks its all clever, a play on effin A, i think it is a turn off, what mAkes one go from inlet beach fl to decatur? not even atl proper? looks like he stillnhas work to get the first one right

Anonymous said...

Support local businesses, or expect trash. Very excited to give this a try!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the previous commentator that it sounds like a stupid idea for a prosperous business. The use of the word Effin is a turnoff to me, for one. The idea of nothing but egg being offered is another dumb idea. Sorry, not exciting news.

Newbe said...

Im a Senior person and the name is no problem as long as the food is good, breakfast is my favorite meal. Even Sammies. Mc.D is my place to go now but I will flip when you open. grannydd2003@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I’m a senior as well. Maybe you are a rich one, honey, who can afford to throw away $15 on a fancy MacMuffin. I don’t know. But they’re going to have to be pretty special to get my lifelong hard earned money. And no “sammee” for me please. I don’t need to call my food something toddlers call it for it to be appealing. So you can send me a note at mrsmarynanna@gmail.com, toots!

Mikelark said...

Pretty happy with the Breakfast Sandwich and bagels at B-Side and with Muchacho coming in, these folks are going to have to be "effin great."

Unknown said...

Wow I feel like I'm on Jenny Jones .....looking and reading the comments. Hahaha

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