Saturday, July 2, 2022

Bits & Bites

Floor & Decor (NYSE: FND) will reopen its original Northeast Expressway store in Brookhaven July 25.  The store, the company's first, opened in 2000 and was completely demolished in late 2021 to make way for a new 80,000 square foot flagship store replacement.  In other Floor & Decor news, the company is also opening a "Design Studio" at Tower Place in Buckhead.  ToNeTo Atlanta was first to report on the planned opening this past January but visible work has only recently commenced on the former restaurant space along Piedmont Road.  

A new location of Rock N Roll Sushi is planned for Alpharetta.  The new restaurant, slated for The Plaza at Windward, is replacing Saigon Cafe which closed.  Established in Mobile, Alabama in 2010, Rock N Roll Sushi had expanded through franchising to include more than 50 restaurants around the southeast including more than a half dozen in Georgia, thus far in the suburbs, in places like Stockbridge, Canton, Locust Grove and McDonough, among others.  According to the Rock N Roll Sushi website, new outposts are also "coming soon" to Duluth (4140 Main Street) and Rome (208 Broad Street.)  

Blue Nile, a luxury fine jewelry and diamond engagement brand, is opening a showroom at Lenox Square on July 8th.  The new store, which ToNeTo Atlanta exclusively reported this past December, will be housed in a roughly 1,900 square foot space on the mall's second level in a suite most recently home to Godiva.  

A Subway franchise has closed at Parkside Shops along Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.  The roughly 1,800 square foot restaurant space is situated between Wingstop and Chipotle in the Tuesday Morning and The Springs Cinema & Taphouse anchored center.  

North Italia, which June 22 opened its first Atlanta area outpost at Lenox Square in Buckhead and was previously planned to open in Dunwoody July 22, is now looking to open August 17, according to a newly updated Google listing.  The Dunwoody restaurant will be located in a freestanding building at 4600 Ashford Dunwoody Road in place of California Pizza Kitchen, which closed in 2020.   

PNC Bank has closed its branch at 125 Perimeter Center West in Ashford Lane.  The freestanding bank branch, which reportedly closed in late May, has been cleared of basically all PNC branding save for a few signs that direct customers to where the branch "moved," an existing branch in Dunwoody Village, 1636 Mount Vernon Road, about two miles away.  

A new restaurant called Snooks Grill & Cocktails is opening in the Kroger-anchored Rivermont Station at 8465 Holcomb Bridge Road in Johns Creek.  The new eatery, which in early 2020 opened its original outpost in Marietta, but closed in 2021, is replacing former tenant BurgerIM in a roughly 1,900 square foot space next to El Portillo in its new home.  The restaurant was originally expected to open in the spring, according to its Facebook page, but has yet to open.  

Guthrie's will be opening a new location in the greater metro Atlanta area. Please click here to read our full report from our friends at The City Menus.  

On a recent trip to Downtown Atlanta, we also noted that in CNN Center, Moe's Southwest Grill, Fresh to Order (F2O) and Starbucks remain "temporarily closed," while other CNN Center food court staples like Chick-fil-A and Great Wraps have reopened.  

Mr. Veg'n, a restaurant that opened in the Perimeter Mall food court this past January, is now closed indefinitely reportedly due to the "unprofessional conduct" of a mall security guard. (Brown's original restaurant in Stockbridge, Vulgar Vegan, has closed permanently.)   Strangely, although the Dunwoody restaurant has been closed for nearly three weeks following the incident (which reportedly involved trash and debris accumulated at the business' back door), it has managed to garner twenty-one five star reviews in the past week - including references to the restaurant's "atmosphere" "clean building" and "perfect dining experience"   

Are you a current or former Mr. Veg'n employee?  Have you witnessed odd occurrences at Mr. Veg'n? Do you think Mr. Veg'n will reopen?  Please either comment below or contact us directly  


vespajet said...

I would not be surprised if it ever reopens, as clearly the business and its' owner has a warped sense of business ethics. It's obvious a number of the five star reviews on Google are from shills that have a connection to the owner (Or the business owner paid for reviews from fake accounts.). Some of the reviews for Mr. Veg'n are clearly from people who never set foot in the place, as they mention dishes not on their menu and one says the place is in "Downtown Atlanta". One reviewer has three reviews, a five star review for Mr. Veg'n and a single star review for two places in the Stockbridge area, a Domino's Pizza (Which has gotten several 1 star reviews that use the same photo by several people that have given Mr. Veg'n five stars.) and Bubbakoo's Burritos. The one star review for Bubbakoo's Burritos mentioned burgers, which the restaurant doesn't even sell.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me that these folks went through the trouble of posting fake reviews and other fake reviews to add credibility and they didn’t even take one minute to think through that the review for a burrito place should be of a burrito not a burger. from the picture it looks like the owner really went off the chain by posting on the electronic sign his grievance. A normal business owner would not really do that unless in their small mind they’re using the alleged situation to duck out on rent. I feel sorry for them because even if the space was already built out it probably cost them a good penny just to open up in the mall. I wonder what the real situation was the triggered such action.

Anonymous said...

so I did some research right here on tomorrow’s news today. As it turns out there was I think a January article about the upcoming grand opening and his former location the vulgar vegan. I read the exchange in the comment section and it’s clear to me that all the anon combative postings are the owner himself. This guy is bad news no wonder he only lasted a month or so at perimeter mall. in the collection of photos that are on the Google record, there were two pictures of the owner flipping the bird to customers from behind the counter. What a piece of work. I don’t know how they got past the approval process for perimeter mall?! you would think they research people they’re going into business with. The message he posted on his electronics screen menu, basically tells the whole story!

Alex said...

LOL...this owner is clearly yet another unhinged Leftist. We used to commit people like him/her into asylums. Now they walk freely among us with their purple hair, and unsightly tattoos and piercings. Why do people desecrate their bodies like that?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised they lasted this long. They were hardly ever open. I think the first couple weeks they were open daily and than it became just weekends. After that it was hit and miss. I guess from a mall point of view - at least it was a filled space in the food court, but like I said surprised they lasted even this long.

Anonymous said...

@Owner of this site - why do you bother requiring approval for posts if you're going to allow stupid generalized comments like the one from Alex? Do better.

Anonymous said...

This restaurant was hardly ever open at the mall and when it was the owner was rude (even abusive) to patrons. The sign he put up was totally unfair to security. They did their job! They were called almost every day (he was open) by staff and/or customers to settle disputes and complaints. On several occasions Dunwoody police were called. Good riddance to this horrible company. I hope they evict him.

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