Thursday, April 27, 2023

[EXCLUSIVE] Local Deli Owner Opening New Burger Joint

A familiar name is bringing a new burger joint to Smyrna. Jack Huffey of Jack's New Yorker plans to open "Burger Crush" at 871 Concord Road, just off South Cobb Drive, close to the entrance to Concord Village shopping center.  Huffey, who operates Jack's New Yorker and its two area locations, purchased the roughly 650 square foot freestanding Concord Road building and its roughly half acre of property this past May.

With Smashburger already taken as a name, Huffey landed on "Burger Crush" to describe the fact that the burger patties are "crushed."  (Burger Crush is also an existing restaurant with three locations in Canada, but is unrelated to the Smyrna restaurant.)  

Cobb County property records indicate the Burger Crush building was built in 1993 and may have earlier been home to a Church's Chicken, although it was most recently home to Ebony & Ivory, a southern restaurant featuring chicken, catfish and barbecue, among other offerings.   (1911 Biscuits & Burgers opened in late 2020 on nearby South Cobb Drive in another onetime home of Ebony & Ivory.) 

The restaurant does not offer inside dining, but Huffey added a nice restaurant-adjacent patio to provide seating for those wishing to dine on property.  For those on the go, Huffey will have not one, but two drive-thru lanes, one to serve traditional drive-thru orders, the second meant for those picking up larger, called ahead orders.  Inspired by their recent introduction to new and remodeled Chick-fil-A restaurants, Huffey will also have a drive-thru "door" rather than the traditional window to more easily run food to customers. 

Beginnings of the Burger Crush patio 

When ToNeTo Atlanta stopped by last week, Huffey indicated that he was still perfecting the menu, testing different buns and deciding on other menu offerings and suppliers for things like planned milkshakes and fries.  

Jack's New Yorker currently has location in Smyrna on Atlanta Road and in Buckhead at Terminus on Piedmont Road.  Huffey previously also operated a Jack's New Yorker on Roswell Street just off the Marietta Square, but closed it in early 2020 due to what was described as a downturn in business at the peak of the pandemic.  (Local restaurant Hamp & Harry's opened in its place in late 2021.)  

If all goes well, Huffey hopes to open Burger Crush by June.  

Are you excited for the opening of Burger Crush in Smyrna? What is your favorite local burger joint?  How important is a good bun to your enjoyment of a burger?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Right next door to Vickery/ Ace Hardware.

Anonymous said...

Right next door to Vickery/Ace Hardware.

Anonymous said...

His deli is a joke that would never survive in a city where the residents knew what a deli was supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

Right, smash/crush all of the flavor of the meat right out of it.

Alex said...

You smash the burger down once when it's placed on the flat top and still raw. The increased surface area creates camelization. It's not smashed while it's cooking or once it's cooked. Learn how to cook.

Anonymous said...

To Alex, I can cook a hamburger on the grill that will make you drown in your own drool.

Anonymous said...

In an area that has a dearth of good restaurants, it’s great to have another option! Look forward to trying it.

Anonymous said...

That deli location was sold 3+ years ago. New owner. You should've gone in 2017.

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